This page will be subject to updates, in particular on day 1 of 32C3.


The main theme evolves around impossible bottles (also known as "ships in a bottle"), these decorative, but absolutely useless, and locked-in-for-no-reason tourist souvenirs. (6.3M) MD5 ( = 2cc777c4b0e7f14c8d75b682e6f9b5d2

We also have a general 32C3 logo, which is a mere variant of the "Chaos Knot" (699K) MD5 ( = 082ea7c43e6a3206f73d373377c98906


ROBOTO CONDENSED by Christian Robertson Apache License, version 2.0

  • Standard Text: Light 300 RobotoCondensed-Light.ttf
  • Headers: Normal 400 RobotoCondensed-Regular.ttf (170K) MD5 ( = ca81938ebfe427207e043a44f94fb94c

Color scheme

  • The main color scheme is white-on-black OR black-on-white, as you see fit. All graphics can be inverted.
  • The accent color is #f19224.

Video animations

For motion pictures, some animation examples will be added here. (55M) MD5 ( = eea4ca79fa7afd591023c04aee0fbe88


Graphic Design: Roland Brückner Video Animations: Frederic Brückner