Description This is our "classic". We gather cheeses and ourselves around them, some wine, olives and just enjoy!
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cs - Czech, en - English, es - Spanish / Castilian
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Duration 180 minutes
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This is our cheese tasting paradise, cultivated through event to event and yes we should have again "cheese tasting train" taking around our samples, fingers crossed!

Each session is open to 20 people max, please do sign in advance, you can just show up before the event but if we are full we are full and we usually are full. You are highly recommended to bring some specific local or extraordinary cheeses or other related condiments like sun dried tomatoes, good quality olives, mustards, wine etc. If you are bringing cheese please do label it well with at least it's name and type of milk used, your nick or name would come handy too. This event is donation based no one turned away for lack of funds. FHB will be getting some high quality cheeses to put together the basic selection with other samples surrounding it and some basic condiments so please donate so we can end up in plus because money from this event will help to cover our expenses to participate at 32c3. Lets meet all together again enjoying these lovely creations! Here you can find cheeses which are going to be present, please do add your ones and keep in mind that unfortunately usually over 80% will be not listed here they will just appear and they are worth of your attention!

Please sign in to participate in this tasting event, spots are limited, first come, first served.

Cheese Name Amount (g) Country of origin Person Bringing it Notes
Olomoucké tvarůžky 300 g Czech Republic Algoldor Very stinky, strong flavour but delicious!
Hermelin 200 g Czech Republic Algoldor Similar to Camabert, very popular in Czech Republic.