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Fedora Project +It is planned to hold a workshop about RPM packaging to be able to contribute packages to the Fedora project as a package maintainer. Also a session describing all the areas Fedora is involved in and the services that exist besides the packages that can be installed in the distribution. If you have a request for a certain Fedora related session, please let us know.  +
Foodhackingbase +Many, but non of them handling or handing out food and drinks at or around CCH building.  +
Free Software Foundation Europe +All our session take part in Hall 13, Hall 14 or Hall A.1 depeding on the amount of visitors that we expect. Our sessions are mainly about specific Free Software projects, about PGP-encryption with GnuPG, and about decentralized, federated social networks. please see below for an up to date version. You like to have a meeting or like to run a small workshop? We like to offer you space at our assembly, if possible. Please get in contact with  +
Freifunk +  +
Freiheitsfoo +workshop on freedom of assembly; more information soon  +


H4x0rPsch0rr +Playing the Congress CTF.  +
Hackeriet +SDR & radio, GSM, DevOp, Varnish, IT security  +
HacknamStyle +We plan to participate in 32C3, and would love to do so on-site  +
HardwareHackingArea +Learn to Solder (with variety of cool kits) workshops<br /> Arduino For Total Newbies workshops<br /> SMD Assembly for Terrified Beginners workshops<br />  +


I2P +I2P roadmapping, I2P crypto discussion, I2P Intro  +
Icmp +- Wordclock Workshop - Herbstluftwm winterbreeze dev meeting - Maybe an ICMP8 Assessment center  +

L +<span></span> * Experiments with 10GB Ethernet * Coding a C++ chat with one time pad * DIY stuff  +
Leiwandville +MagicShifter Workshop  +
Lockpicking Area +Lockpicking Workshops, Cylinder Assembly  +


Matrix +Look at Matrix and the open source clients - and what you can use it for. Look at olm, our cryptographic ratchet implementation.  +
Mozilla +Workshops on * How to hack FirefoxOS-TVs * Create Add-Ons for Firefox * Rust * Internet of Things * Mozilla Telemetry  +
MuCCC +Maybe a small show and soldering area. Knitting Workshop/Showcase  +


NOKLAB +rad1o hacking  +
Nerd Herd +Nixieclock assembly workshop Reflow soldering of 10-20 sets with low-cost tubes. The workshop will be divided into two workshop days around lunch time. Workshop time is 2-3hrs. That includes assembly, testing and fixing. 5-6 additional seats required for the workshop ~5-7 participants/day. Lounge like light is ok, we will bring spot based working light. Also helps with the effect of the tubes ;)  +
Nerd2Nerd +Nerdlicht, Democoding  +
Nitrokey +We plan one or two workshops which can happen at a different space. Each with about 10 people.  +
Nuremberg Hackers +No.  +


OKFDE +workshop - data cleaning discussions show & tell - hardware projects  +
Open Knowledge Labs +Workshop Ratsinformationssysteme (RIS) - OPARL standardization  +
Open Source FPGA toolchain +How to reverse engineer an FPGA, How to programm an Lattice FPGA on an RaspberryPi, Verilog 101, how to do formal verification of Verilog designs, functions of the icoboard, How to run a 32bit Risc-V CPU inside an FPGA, generating an onchip logic analyser during RTL synthesis, open source Place & Route software for an FPGA,  +
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