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Capulcu +no needs, we are a sub  +
Chaos inKL. +Somewhere near C3MA and CCCMz would be nice  +
Chaos-West +Pictures: We allow taking pictures in the center, where our exhibits are. In the outer hackcenter area, pictures are appropriate on a first-ask base. Network: Please spread network switches at the tables. Power: Hackcenter needs regular power sockets for laptops. We need three additional power sub-distributions. 1. for lights at the truss cube 2. for projects in our maker area and 3. for exhibits and sound system on stage. Sub-distributions with 3x 16 A (type F) for each of these will probably be sufficient. Lights: Please provide table lights (IKEA) on all hackcenter tables. We would like to control all lights in the room, so please switch off the regular room illumination. We bring lots event lights and projectors. It will be colourful. Tables: Rectangle tables preferred, to improve upon hacker density. You can find a floor plan here:  +
Chaospatinnen +The place below the escalator in the garderobenfoyer, like last year, would be great!  +
Chaostreff Flensburg +We would like to be in Halle 3 again.  +
Chaostreff Salzburg +We actually need a table with 20 seats + 5 visitor seats (for SEed eXchange). There are actually more than 20 people from Salzburg, but since not everybody is always at the assembly, that will work out just fine.  +
Chaoswelle +same place as 31c3 required to have a connection to the antennas on the roof same power requirements as last years, to ionize the air Like in the previous years we need access to the balcony and the rooftop. The location of the previous years (Foyer in front of Saal 2 or Saal 1) was perfect.  +
CocktailBot +Busy area with people passing by, 200 watts needed.  +
Coffeenerds +* we need 3 phase current for our machines! * we are depending on fresh water. as far it is not possible to get direct fresh water we use camping water bubbles. it would be really nice to be located close to a fresh water supply (e.g. water tap in a WC). The floor should tolerate a dropped cup of water.  +
CoreOS +Ideally if we can have a single wired network drop, we can bring our own switch. Last year we were beside the Gentoo folks, but it didn't quite have the collaboration we were looking for and we ended up going over to noisy square more often than not to work with folks from EFF and Let's Encrypt. Since we're all from San Francisco in the USA being placed by other folks from SF (again, possibly EFF) makes logistics much easier.  +
Crypto Meetup @ Tea Tent +We already discussed with the Tea Tent people. We'll hang out there.  + +Network: we bring our own gigabit switch, so a gigabit uplink would be nice  +


Dead Tree Lovers +Next to/together with La Quadrature Du The would be great again. See "past congress comments" A couple of loungy chairs, one or two sofas, small tables, carpets! :-) Anything like that would be great. Bookshelves if you can get some.  +
Dementia and Privacy +I want to get in touch with people and for them to get crafty, so a busy and bright area would be best.  +
Department of Hosting Service +The serves might get noisy and needs some space. Please plan 230V 2kW for power distribution and approx. 10x 1GBis/s Ethernet for us. ADDITIONAL NOTE: Contacted the NOC. A location "under" or near by the CoLocation would be great, so they can run enough cables to our assembly.  +
Diaspora +Since we usually do have a lot of conversations ongoing, too much loud music would be bad.  +
Django +I would be great if our assembly is located right beside the other Python-related ones. We would prefer a quiet but public place so that people can find us and get in touch with us.  +
Doubleoctothorpbuero +Please no smoking or dancing (loud music) nearby. People passing by is fine (great even), music isn't. If we can choose, we would love to be either in the large hall (the one with the high ceiling and nifty lights, not the one with the many pillars) in level one, or the small area in the second level aaaall to the left.  +


EDRi +Since we're not hacking on devices but rather on the law and society, we would like to provide a space for people to network and discuss. Possibly also to organise workshops and talks there. Something cosy, with sofas but at the same time visible so that non-EDRi-people can discover what we do and join the discussions.  +
Eggplant +🍆  +


F3L +Small additional place for own Switch & other equipment, Upstream LAN  +
FIfF +We would like to be part of the NoisySquare again, as in the years before. Same location as last year would be great (next to the escalator and Amnesty International)!  +
Fail0verflow +Please locate the fail0verflow assembly close/next to the Eindbazen assembly, for CTF cooperation/coordination purposes. thanks! :)  +
FairLoetet +We would need 1 - 2 meters of table space and in order to present our project and attract people that want to discuss. reasonable lighting would be fine We are in talks with FIFF to have our tables side-by-side to run them for each other if needed but this is not yet fully agreed. Astrid and Sebastian from the initiative as well as AK Faire Elektronic HH are in touch with Constanze on the possibility of holding workshops. What they say overrides what I say here about the workshop time and space requirements.  +
Fedora Project +We like to get involved with potential new contributors but would also enjoy joining other Linux distributions to be able to collaborate.  +
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