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Chaostreff Salzburg +Last year the place that was assigned for us was much too small (all assemblies of Austria were merged into one).  +
CocktailBot +we were on 3rd floor next to the robot made of boom boxes and the robotic music band. This is a nice place for us and we would like to be there again this year.  +
CoreOS +Last year we were placed beside the Gentoo folks. We were actually right against a main thoroughfare which was fantastic for being able to meet and talk with people. Being out in the open also made it easy for us to show off some of the things were working on. Our goal by being placed beside the Gentoo developers was to allow for some better collaboration around projects that CoreOS maintains within the Gentoo ebuild system. Unfortunately this didn't work out as well as we would have hoped and we spent a lot of time working with other groups on deploying scalable crypto services.  +
Crypto Meetup @ Tea Tent +Did this impromptu last year.  + +Last year you grouped a lot of austrian assemblies on one round table, somewhat big enough for one of the four-five assemblies there... We know there are space problems, but maybe a larger area is doable :-)  +


DFRI +We have had locations at the Noisy Square, and it was very good.  +
Dead Tree Lovers +Last year, the placement together with La Quadrature was perfect. Also that you guys managed to put nice chairs and sofas as well as a shelf and some carpets -- excellent! If we can get that again, this would totally be above our expectations. We will also work closer with La Quadrature before the event this time to merge things on site more. We do have several hundreds of _more_ books than last year. If you manage to find nice shelves let us know so we don't have to organize that.  +
Debian +Placement was perfect last time, with one side towards a busy path and one side towards the dark recesses, so people could choose where to sit.  +
Department of Hosting Service +At 31C3 first we had no power and network at our place. Suboptimal for a hosting service. ;) Then we were re-located, power and neigbourhood was great, but network was a bottleneck. Please take care of a good network connection this year. :) We offer virtual machines and had up to 30 running on our 4 servers. Most of them with a USB harddrive attached. All servers have multiple gigabit-interfaces. But unfortunately we were connected to a switch with one single gigabit-uplink which was the bottleneck by the NOC. We would highly appreciate ten 1-gigabit ports on a switch with 10 Gbit uplink this year. We promise high usage of the ports. ;) ADDITIONAL NOTE: Contacted the NOC. A location "under" or near by the CoLocation would be great, so they can run enough cables to our assembly.  +
Doubleoctothorpbuero +Last year we were seated next to the lounge. That was too loud and had too much smoking (smokes drifts!). Two years ago was perfect.  +


EDRi +During last congress, we had just one tiny table in the back of the Noisysquare with not enough place to hold our workshop on net neutrality (ca 20-30 people wanted to attend). This year, it would be great to get some visibility and more space to do fun stuff.  +
Edgeryders +We had an assembly at 31C3. We were happy with it, thank you!  +
Eggplant +🍆  +
Eindbazen +Last year we were placed in the main area, which was great.  +
Entropolis +The requested location is the same as we had for the 31C3. It would be nice to have it near to the 3d printing and scanning assembly.  +


FairLoetet +Last year, FIFF have presented some of our material on their table. That was a good location with privacy and encryption initiatives in the area.  +
Foodhackingbase +We have to reorganize this time because of the food&drink ban so past experience seems irrelevant.  +
Forth +Last year we were right next to the escalator between entrance and lecture halls. That was a great place, and we had lots of good contacts.  +
Free Software Foundation Europe +update: I located our assembly where it has been the last time. Last year we have been in the noisy square and have been situated next to the sitting corner, after the Wau Holland Stiftung and before the glassy passage. The spot was just perfect for us and we would love to have the very same space again. We feel among friends inside the noisy square and the location at the passage and next to the sitting corner gave us a good possibility for offering self-organised sessions. Last year we just offered 5 sessions and like to extend it this time. As some sessions have been very well visited (more than 80 people), we like to use a workshop room this time for some of our sessions. Everything else was good.  +
Freifunk +I've had very limited space the didn't gave enough space to all people visiting us.  +


Geheimorganisation +  +
Gesellschaft fĂŒr Technische Sonderlösungen +Last assembly was a little tight during peak hours, because we are lame and stayed at our assembly a lot. Besides from this fine.  +


HackHRO +Last year we brought our 5m RGB-LED strip that ran some light shows we had programmed (this may be enhanced by live control based on knobs or sound this year). We used our assembly for meeting and hacking.  + +Before 30c3, we had informal assemblies. At 30c3 the other Dutch hackerspaces hiked along with TechInc and at 31c3 there was a proper assembly, with TechInc as one of the sub-assemblies. That worked well!  +
Hacksaar +We had an assembly at 31C3, and were very happy with it :)  +
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