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Advanced Probiotic Brewing +This is a meeting of brewers discussing variety of topics about brewing probiotic drinks and foods.  +
AfRA +Die Abteilung-für-Redundanz-Abteilung (AFRA) ist ein rauchfreier Hackerspace in Berlin.  +
AfterShock +We'd like to introduce participants to the serious (learning-) game Aftershock. It demonstrates the difficulties of inter-agency cooperation in desaster-affected areas.  +
AiF +Die Assembly der Informatikfachschaften! Für alle, denen die Zeit bis zur nächsten KIF zu lange ist.  +
Altheamesh +I am working on some incentivized mesh network protocols. In an incentivized mesh network, routers are automatically paid by the network to forward packets. This eliminates the role of the ISP in providing internet service.  +
Alya +Project Alya is a keyboard which strives to create a more ergonomic experience. Placement of the physical keys are as important as form factor and layout.  +
Amalettomat +Automatic crêpes with Nutella!  +
Amateurfunk +Einleitender Vortrag zu Amateurfunk  +
Amnesty International +We are the working group "human rights in the digital age" in AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL section of germany.  +
An Advanced Introduction to GnuPG +There is more to encryption than generating an OpenPGP key and sending encrypted emails. In this talk, I will provide some tips on how to manage keys, how to improve your confidence that your mail is not being intercepted and some other neat tricks that GnuPG can do. This talk is given by Neal Walfield  +
Anagrom Ataf +Sanctuary for some Muggs from Germany. Thou shalt not finkle backwards!  +
Analoge Gesellschaft +The "analogue society" is an experimental group. Trying to escape the digital mainstream. Trying to keep the future unwritten. (The last quote has been stolen!)  +
Analyse alt misampoitamischer tapeten im kontext der digitalen gesellschaft +LALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALA  +
Analysis of the privacy technology landscape +We believe that the current internet stack must be completely revised to establish a secure privacy preserving internet as a space to unfold basic civil rights which are threatened by mass spying. We envision the new stack to be free software, decentralized, distributed, end-to-end-encrypted, with meta-data-protection, easy to use, efficient, wifi mesh-networking capable and well-documented. We start with a thorough evaluation of existing projects and by building bridges between them to achieve what none of them could do alone.  +
Anarchism 101 +During the workshop we will have a short look at the anarchist history, have an overviews of the current streams of anarchist thought and have some space for collective discussions on the matter.  +
Anarchist Village +A place to come for (Crypto-) Anarchists and Cypherpunks from all over the world. We love politics, tech, discussion, friendship and everything in between.  +
Android Intent Fuzzing Module for Drozer +I will present an open source project developed in the last couple of months regarding an Android Intent Fuzzing module for Drozer.  +
Angewandte Konsensdemokratie +thesen: gruppen von menschen lassen sich oft weiter demokratisieren als "nur" basisdemokratie zu machen. konsensdemokratie ist möglich, und mittelfristig sogar effizienter und stressfreier. mehr spaß macht sie auch :-)  +
Angry Hacking: How to win $750,000 +Learn to use Angr, the open source binary analysis platform developed by Shellphish for the Cyber Grand Challenge. Bring a laptop and some basic Python knowledge.  +
Anti +A small group of scattered friends since 2000, meeting at the congress whenever they can  +
Anti-Kybernetische Aktion +Alles zwangsweise digital vernetzt? NEIN DANKE!  +
Ants and Squirrels go 32c3 UnCiv meetup +building the utopian future together! meetup of the people interested in UnCivilization -- concept, mailing-list, movement! Consider the Squirrels!  +
Apps als Kunstwerke +Pinsel und Farbe oder doch Smartphone und Code? Apps in der Kunst, mobil, vernetzt, immer dabei.  +
Arcade Vector Gaming +See vector games on the Vectrex up-close and personal. Bring your XY oscilloscope or vector monitor and we'll try gaming on it, too.  + assembly is an assembly for user and friends.  +
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