Description The watchtower will stand silent watch over you. We aim to provide perfect security for you and your friends. The watchtower is omniscient, highly visible and serves as a symbol of freedom throughout the congress. The Watchtower is there for you.
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Persons working on Fellmoon, MikeTango, Rehwanne, Shibumi
Located at assembly Milliways
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The Watchtower provides high-end physical and cybersecurity through a mix of time-tested structural engineering features mixed with advanced surveillance systems. Self-controlling CCTV, a modern communication system and a networked SecLight™ as well as cyber-activated high-intensity safety algorhythms enable The Watchtower to make sure nothing untoward happens to your gated community. The Watchtower serves as a physical deterrent to potential threats, doubles as a navigational beacon, time-keeping device, communications uplink and high-volume data processing system. The Watchtower is there for you!