Contact Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck, email algoldor (the sign) and Marcel (Bigmac) bigmac
Description We are a bunch of hackers from all over the world who share the love for food, beverage and bio hacks!
Members Alexander, Algoldor, Apo, BaltimoreJoe, Bigmac, Dot!, Ingo, Jaga, JanHenrik, Kliment, Ofosos, Salomonderossi, Sproet, Webmind, Yrthy
Projects Amalettomat
Self-organized Sessions Advanced Probiotic Brewing, Beer Brewing For Beginners, Beer Tasting, Cheese Tasting Rendezvous, Easy peasy Paneer making!, Introduction to soy bean fermentation - Tempeh making, Jam-Session, Kefir making, Kombucha is easy, Whiskey Tasting & Culinary Event
Tags food hacking, beverages, biohacking, fermentation, aseptic technique, experimental incubator
Registered on 9 November 2015 00:31:39
Location for self-organized sessions yes
Self-organized session notes Many non of them handling or handing out food and drinks.
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Orga contact
Brings experimental incubator
Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 20
Extra seats 20
Assembly specification want sit public
Planning notes
past congress review We have to reorganize this time because of the food&drink ban so past experience seems irrelevant.

NOTE! THIS YEAR WE CAN NOT HANDLE AND HAND OUT FOOD&DRINKS! We are going to do a lots of cool stuff and we hope to see you at our assembly again but we definitely need to redesigh our activities, so please keep it in mind!

More info will be addeded soon.