Hey, Frantisek,

why did the c3 orga disallow you to build up your kitchen this year?

But I'll attend to some of your sessions again. :-)

Hi Jekyll,

Good question why we could not do it, I still wonder to a degree by myself :-). We have been told by CCC orga that it was done because of "variety of reasons" official one being handling and handing out food&drinks at the building is not allowed if not approved as legal and by the building orga certified/recognized entity which we are not.

Unofficially it is not complete surprise because the building orga (CCH orga) was increasing pressure against our activities since 30c3 when we set up fully functional venue for the first time. CCC orga and especially some of it's members helped to make our stuff happened anyway which we really appreciate.

However I hope for the next events we can strengthen our position through variety of means and when negotiations are suppose to take place at which decisions which effect our activities are taken, we will be invited to participate, that would be very helpful for the future development. One of the steps which we are now considering and will be discussed at 32c3 and later is to become legal entity which has it's pros and cons.

Anyway that is short summary of quite long story. I hope to see you and many others at our assembly and in my case especially at Centro Sociale location, it will be fun!



PS I'm not very experienced at answering to "user talk" at wiki so did I do it right? Thanks

There is close to no way to do it wrong. :-) The wiki software would prefer you to use : (so do most people on Wikipedia), but your way is much easier to read.
I'd totally like to see you being recognized as valid (food) hackers by the orga. Yes, the law probably would dislike this, but, after all, the CCC is about bending the laws to achieve a better life.
I'll surely attend, probably starting from day 1 (I have a couple of free hours). At least, it's great that you found the resources to actually come. I was frightened you wouldn't make it.
Looking forward to meeting you again :-)

Lets try the "standard way" I kind of have found resources to come but to be honest as in the years before it gets me in a more and more minus situation, at the moment I assume I have around half year to turn it around or major issues will come. I plan to move back to Europe, my deadline was postponed again, but this time I really want to be back for the apple harvest season, have some big plans concerning fermentations :-) If that is the case as I really hope and plan, that 33c3 for me should not be a problem, if I by whatever reason stay in Korea till 2016 winter than I may not make it for 33c3, as simple as that.

Anyway Food Hacking Base should make it without me coming or not in the years to come, that is the way we decided to go since the beginning, it is the project, I'm one of the founders, love it, it is connected a lot with my name but I'm trying to hand the things down, so I'm no longer treasurer, I do not coordinate our CCH assembly this year anymore etc. bit by bit more shared effort which is how it should be I believe.

I will be looking forward to see you at the Centro Sociale or CCH,