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  • Coreboot  + (5)
  • Labor19.net  + (<span></span> * Experiments with 10GB Ethernet * Coding a C++ chat with one time pad * DIY stuff)
  • Free Software Foundation Europe  + (All our session take part in Hall 13, HallAll our session take part in Hall 13, Hall 14 or Hall A.1 depeding on the amount of visitors that we expect. Our sessions are mainly about specific Free Software projects, about PGP-encryption with GnuPG, and about decentralized, federated social networks. please see below for an up to date version. You like to have a meeting or like to run a small workshop? We like to offer you space at our assembly, if possible. Please get in contact with eal@fsfe.orge. Please get in contact with eal@fsfe.org)
  • BlinkenArea  + (All-day soldering workshop. Extra space required for workshop is one round table and *at least* 6 chairs.)
  • CAcert  + (Assurances at the place of the Assembly, throughout the conference.)
  • Tasteless  + (CTFing all congress long ...)
  • Dementia and Privacy  + (Discussion: Can risks outweigh the right to privacy? Discussion: What needs to be in place for monitoring to be ethical?)
  • RaumZeitLabor  + (Embroidery, Food Hacking)
  • Singularity City  + (Embroidery, Knitting, Food Hacking, Sewing, Electronics, rad1o)
  • Datenschmutz  + (Essentially, the plan is to give short overviews over how to read the various documents we're dealing with and what to watch out for. This would be 1:few sessions.)
  • 27 Years Attacks on Smartcards  + (Forum and Workshop for Attacks on SmartcarForum and Workshop for Attacks on Smartcards and Security Controllers. Smart cards and RFIDs are widely used today in manfifold applications, like banking, mobile communications (GSM/SIM), identification and access control. The silicon chip they contain are subject to manifold attacks today and in the future. Newbies, Amateurs, Students, Experts, Nerds are welcome. Beginners Training: Preparation of a chip - removal of the silicon from an RFID label under a microscope. Discussion about historic, actual and new attack scenarios. Tips for the amateur - how to set up your own lab. Discussion round for experts.our own lab. Discussion round for experts.)
  • Wikidata  + (General introduction to Wikidata (what's what) Fun with the Wikidata editing API Fun with SPARQL queries)
  • 🍆  + (How to make Gin)


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