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Ficklicht sucht Schwenkgelenk

Hackers seek Googlequiz teammates

ChaosJesus and ApolloLV are looking for 5 teammates to form a googlequiz team. Please write an email to .

Hacker Seeks ride back to ....

  • Cat: looking for ride to Berlin after the party, 31.12... morning, we can also meet before and have a drink and fun #7482

Hacker Seeks Ecstasy for the Party and for fun.

  • Contact me on or via DECT/GSM, Dial the extension 2147
  • Looking for Mandy - torchat: rzlpxvya3pg43mvt
  • * i looking for you DECT/GSM Numer or Pigdin with OTR

Hacker seeks green Stuff to Smoke

Dr.'s herbal shop is still up (2:40am)

Hi, if anyone has some spare herbal pain medicine, i would love to buy some of it. (SMS/Phone 7178). Big thx in advance.

Contact me on Seeking: +5. Edit and add +1 if you're seeking too..

  • Hi, i am searching for some weed, to contact me please reply to this request and have a fun ;)
  • I would 2nd this request :)

Contact me via for smoking issues ;)

  • Did anyone actually buy anything from the ?
  • Would have tried but he doesnt answer ...
    • Try again..
  • Is this still up? Just added the Dr. via Jabber.
  • greenthumb is legit 5/5

- are there some smoke-reviews about Dr.Greenthumbs Dope? Quality and quantity and if he is a nice guy?

SirSmokeAlot haz tha GREEN - contact via ---- OTR ----

  • cool guy, worth to buy 5/5
  • Super Ebayer, netter Kontakt, gerne wieder. 👍

Also looking for some proper green, if you are able to help, call 7511 or text me Big THX in advance.

looking for the herb but jabber won't let me in. any other ways of communicating?

  • DECT/GSM phone book. Search "weed" or similar.
    • didnt answer, got line busy. had anyone luck with that number?

Hacker seeks greater neurotransmitter diversity

yeah. greater diversity?

whats this about ?

IRC gather

/join -hackint #31c3-trees

Human Dating

Have fun!

Boy seeks Girl

  • Dr love looking for some plain old fucking before I leave the congress on 31st and have to get back to my wife with 2 kids. No strings attached, I guarantee.
  • Murray looking for an intelligent and nice-looking (nice == nerdy) female companion for tonight (day 3). Talk or listen to some talks, drink some Cola or Mate - nothing more ;) Mail and interests are in my profile. I'm 42 but feel younger and look a bit like my nickname. Would also join a group of people for some nerdy chit-chat.

Wer ist das blonde Mödchen mit den grünen Chucks? Pls respond

  • Herbrich: I look for nice girl to meet for the party. Please contact me on
  • Drhorrible: Seeking a nice girl to chat a bit, drink a beer (or something else) maybe. I'm not looking for anything in particular.

About me: ASL: 22/M/Outer Space. ~170cm height. See my user page for how to contact me :)

  • Joe11 : Boss-ladys / Main-fraus: Are you looking for a web developer / computer programmer for your idea or company? Can't seem to get a talented programmer in your life? Then you might want to check me out on IRC. I've been doing web-apps for years. BaltimoreJoe on freenode and occasionally P.S. Ask me for my torchat-id
  • Timme2108 : searching for some nice girls to get to know :)
  • Kevinisageek : Land Rover and outdoors loving nerd seeking seeking hacker girl with original firmware.
  • Rdbr : feels huggy and cuddly
  • Danis84 : 30 Male d&e, searching for someome to share with him the congress.
  • Isi (23) : I like tea, cuddling and kiwi fruits =) Wanna meet for a cup of tea?

  • Nonsensius : (31) Looks for like minded polyamory females :D contact me via jabber: or eventphone : 6550 ... can you call again? :) i have been at the box (after the talk was over) but nobody could point me towards you.

  • FNX: looking for some company, sharing some drinks, laughs and maybe a great time
  • Companion wanted (Sonic Screwdriver not included): Fengor is not on the quest for true love but currently seeking a companion. For travel, talking and sharing the same interests. Some of which include books, tabletops, boardgames, rpg and long distance hikes. if that is you and you want to share a $coldbeverage either here at the congress or at the kinkygeeks party I'd be glad to hear from you.

If interested talk to the nerd with the gallifreyan laser etching on the netbook :)

  • Modul: looking for someone to wander these halls with :)
  • Jolower: 25yo nice and open bavarian guy looking for someone to cuddle or enjoy a cup of coffee / tea to forget the cold outside. Contact me via mail:
  • Z0mbieUnic0rn : (29) Looking for the Modern Lara Croft. Interrests should include several TV Series like True Detective, Dr.Who and so on. Rebellic instinct against the system, AVGN , Freemans Mind, Questionable Content but also non nerdy real life hobbies like sports and adventures in nature or urban environments.
  • Just a programming n00b : It's my first time visiting the congress and I'm just looking for some company to hang out or visit some of the awesome talks! :)
  • Joshua1985 : (29) Looking for nerdy and intelligent girl for sharing time at the congress and the future after it. The cold weather is easier to forget with an awesome girl to cuddle :) write me to
  • Chrissi^ : (29) Looking for a person to drink some coffee or beer and discuss all those nerdy stuff. (Dont mind to do that with Boys too ;) What about oldschool SMSing? :D -6124
  • Svenne : 21yo guy looking for girls to hangout and chat with (contact info on my profile)
  • Harris : 23yo guy is looking for a good-looking girl for generating some oc content ;-)
  • ThYpHoOn : 23 years of updates, searching someone from SF for future update/fork plans
  • MarBle : 17 yo cuddly student from Berlin who likes elektronics seeks for someone to be nice to :-)
  • mysticspiral: kind of lively 22yo with severely suppressed childhood trauma is looking for someone who would enjoy combing my hear with available detangling brush. i hadnt done it for a longer time and only sporadically; i tried to detangle a lot of my hair already and it works quite well, but its easier if the work is done to a foreign head and id like to reach a point again where the combing routine doesnt take an our.
    i want to cuddle, especially id like to be hugged from behind and let myself fall in relieve that there is enough love for everyone in this world. in return id like to offer doing this other people being in need of closeness.
  • Sehb46: Missed connection... We were toying with the sandpit on the 29th, you asked me to take a photo of your arm in its light. I would have loved to spend more time with you but didn't know how to not come across as creepy. :} If you felt likewise, drop a comment on my userpage and we can get in touch!

Girl seeks Boy

  • Cat : alone here, looking for people over 30 to have a drink/coffee/mate/talk...

@avocadoblume sucht.

Ich würde sie nehmen, also beeilt euch!

wer bist du (avocadoblume) und wie kann man dich erreichen ? (20yo hier) ... würde Killerlort auch gerne wissen :)

  • Inna looking for nice people to chat with. Message me at 4662. :)

Girl seeks Girl

also, take a look at QueerFeministGeeks.

Couple seeks

A nice guy, willing to share his room in the Radisson/simmilar-close. We offer our show

Boy seeks Boy

  • Joepie91: Well... um... :D (23 yo)
  • (24 yo, hmu)
  • Gglnx: 23yo (GR: gglnx)
  • Mim: gay - congess newbie
  • Glaxx: (23yo) You'll find me either @ OpenLab or @ Dead Tree Lovers
  • Goku: gay (and bi-curious), 27 yo, electrical engineer (GR: son-goku)
  • Dingsda: gay, 26yo, yo.
  • Brietz: gay, 27yo.
  • Schnassel: gay, 37yo.
  • Muzy: surprise me, let us hack something fun and awesome. (23yo)
  • MarBle : 17 yo cuddly student from Berlin who likes elektronics seeks for someone to be nice to :-)
  • Reflektor : 31 yo gay cub from Berlin, looking for some cuddles.
  • Fabian : 31 yo top seeking bottom GR: fabian83
  • Matze1902: 29 yo shy bottom seeking for top guy for the last night in hamburg and maybe much nights later ;) i like long hair and other big things ;) mail --> :)

also, take a look at QueerFeministGeeks.

Non-Binary seeks Person

  • Sirenensang ist ansprechbar
  • Felicitus seeks other cat/dragon people
  • NoMoKeTo is a blue-haired cat and likes to cuddle
  • Spoth is a lynx and looking for other kitties ^.^

also, take a look at QueerFeministGeeks.

Person seeks Non-Binary

also, take a look at QueerFeministGeeks.

Socially awkward person seeks Helper

  • Cereal-tomcat has a bad day and feels too awkward to organize a place to sleep for itself

Bestial Dating

Troll searches Oger

  • Having a nice Oger available for marriage? Contact Dragonchaser

Generic Dating

  • Longtail: 24 gay, bi-curious, hug-seeking, good listener, excellent cook with warm heart

Hacker seeks Hacker

  • Cat Looks for someone to help her to fix non functional vlan on mint, Broadcom Corporation BCM4318
  • M0nky Looks for someone, who had experiences with DSLR videography and can show me some tips, organizes a workshop, or similar. Will pay with Club Mate (@7379) ;-)
  • Nand337 Looking for an IMAP expert. Free drinks guaranteed ;-) hit me up @jabber or write a text message @3119
  • MaCXyLo Searching for DOCSIS Hacker's on the Congress. E-Mail me :)
  • Mario is seeking for someone with a eletronics equipment (power supply etc) who can help me getting 4 SLM1608 displays up and running. contact me via jabber.
  • ratools are looking for a Debian package maintainer. Der-flo has created a package for Fedora already.
  • Coffee is seeking for other makers of the spark core community. Twitter: @JamesAwesomeNow
  • Philipp needs help extracting data (not code) from a huge undocumented binary. I offer sightseeing flights in return. Twitter: @XPlanePhil
  • Hanta5 needs somebody who can help him get OsmocomBB on his Motorola C123
  • FNX needs somebody who has done some (Audi) car hacks
    • Apdent Ask on the SSDEV Desk (Lockpicking area) for Help.
    • D-mike Also looking for car-hackers, have some automotive OS sources and EVBs with me if anyone wants to have a look..
    • Aczid Want to talk automotive security without signing NDAs. Have working PoC for a certain remote keyless entry system.
  • Palcu can help with hacking on cool web projects. I also do remote debugging if you call 9209.
  • Matematic is very motivated to learn something about whitehat / blackhat SEO and is looking for some mentor!
  • Uhraya sucht Vitamin B für Fachinfo/ItSys Ausbildung in München und Umgebung
    • M sc hat da was, jabber me.
  • Siiikooo0743 seeks someone that has a working Soft-Kinect SDK to copie, because the Website doesn't send him the validation E-Mail  :)
  • Dem Fred seeks someone to talk about/ discuss postmodernism/poststrukturalism/dekonstruktion. call 2443
  • IsoLinCHiP is looking for some people with experience porting cyanogen to new devices.
  • Ty812 is looking for people in the HN area for creation of a hackspace/Stammtisch.
    • ty812, call 4378 for contact
  • Sky is looking for nice people to talk and hang out. Im very new at this... just send a mail
  • Vorlot is looking for people that are also interested in developing alternative systems to run on Android phones (no android rom dev, no android kernels at all preferably, think of running hello worlds on Android phones using vanilla Linux ARM kernels, *BSD etc)
  • Siiikooo0743 seeks someone that can help him enable suspend2disk on his Thinkpad T400 with Kubuntu
  • Migu needs help resetting the forgotten supervisor passphrase in the TPM chip of his ThinkPad X61s
  • GreenGizeh needs some help in configure 'Awesome' desktop enviroment (e.g. mutimedia keys)
  • Traffael is looking for someone who has experience with MSP430 and FreeRTOS
  • MarBle is looking for someone to learn advanced Linux basics and little tricks from. (kind of a mentor)
  • Matematic is very motivated to learn something about whitehat / blackhat SEO and is looking for some mentor!
  • Tillz is looking for someone with experience in car electronics (ODB/CAN?) (not vendor specific) to discuss the idea of a privacy-friendly, open-sourced ECall system/alternative. (Please leave your dect here)
  • Formatc1702は日本語の話せる/喋りたいハッカーを探しています。ご連絡ください。
  • Nallic Is looking for creative people doing interesting stuff in Blender ( Call 4736 if you like to meetup, chat and drink a beer. Maybe show some projects.
  • Zoyo is looking for someone who is into opensource motion controllers, grbl, g-code, smootieboard etc. and can me answer some questions.
  • Spacejam wants to learn about finite state transducers and monad transformers. He is happy to teach *nix high scale operations, distributed systems, performance optimization. Also happy to talk about the basics of pretty much anything software related!
  • Lurchi is implementing an ejabberd module which aims to wake up mobile XMPP clients from suspended state by sending them push notifications. If you're interested in the topic I'd like to hear your thoughts about it. I have tea. JID:
  • Im suggesting a new android mobile app to temporarily silence ringing noise by "clapping" on device, Email , Twitter: @ivokainkrieg

Hacker seeks hardware

  • Larifari seeks old PCBs, mainboards, fans and other stuff like that for an art project. Pls drop at Lübecker Clusterfuck next to Tardis or call 5280. ;)
  • Marex seeks an ThinkPad power adapter (He losts his one probably in room 1 or surroundings).
    • MrBlue has a spare one. Pls feel free to contact me if you still need one.
  • Zanooda broke his phone - looking for a working iPhone 4 display with digitizer. Thanks.
  • Updated contact info:Binbash is looking for cheap chinese arduinos. micro pro preferred. have cash with me.
  • Luja wants to buy hdd-capsule for cf30
  • The Department of Hosting Service is looking for a switch with more the 1G uplink. ATM, we only have 1G network equipement, which is the limiting factor in our setup. 10G connection is available nearby.
  • Lilia needs a USB On The Go extension cable, micro-usb male -> micro-usb female, OR just a bare micro-usb socket OR anything you don't care about that accepts a micro-usb plug.
    • Apdent i can provide a Micro USB to USB Cabel
  • Some Engineers is looking for loud speakers (small ones are fine) --danrl (talk) 22:51, 27 December 2014 (CET)
    • Apdent i can borrow a pair of Aktiv Speakers
  • Silias needs a 2x10 Ribbon cable to connect STM32-H103 with OpenOCD Programmer
  • Fizzzel is looking for a LED-Stripe to build his own Seidenstrasse capsule
    • Nullmark is also looking for those, but the guy who selled them last year dont have any :(
    • Silentshadow i think i have two meters of rgb led stripes, contact me on irc!
  • modul is looking for a space key for his Lenovo X200 ThinkPad, srsly .. my space key is missing ;)
  • jarCrack is looking for a basic microphone (to upgrade his earphones with voice). Contact FrozenIceMan
  • Food Hacking Base is looking for 12V power supply with barrel conector. Contact Ruza
  • Totux is looking for an smal old working Notebook vor Tablet.
  • JoksKitty is looking for a charger for an old Nokia 3200, since i forgot mine at home, i just need to borrow it for today. I will pay you a club-mate. Contact:
  • Zanooda is looking for a TFT, only for the time of the congress
  • Herbrich :> Hi, i ask for a old IDE-HDD Device for my old Accer nootebook. Please help me. My old disk was crashed and all datas are lost. Thats no problem but i need a new Device to repaier the old nootbook. Please contact me on

Greetings form Herbrich

    • Monster Brought an old 120GB IDE HDD, it's LFF though, so it'll likely not fit INSIDE your laptop, but if that's not a problem, pop by assembly or mail me, contact information on my userpage.
    • HPC2000 I have 1x 40GB and 1x 8GB SSD, both are IDE.
  • FNX is looking for can-bus shield for Arduino and car hackers
  • Silentshadow is seeking for a digital warrior step sequenzer or something like that!!
  • Coon is seeking for a 8" floppy drive as sound device. (It is okay, if it doesen't read floppy disks anymore, but the stepper motor should work)
  • Revo and assemblies Noisy Square and Anarchist Village are looking for affordable USB sticks with physical write protect switches or affordable USB write blocker bridges.
  • FNX is searching for a ASUS eeePC 900HD battery
  • Looking for a N2O Cracker. Contact pls here
  • danrl's little cousin is seeking for one or two beginner-level soldering kits. Have one spare? Share!
  • Geekmaedchen is seeking for digitiser for tapes (MCs) just for rent :D Would pay in mate or something else.
    • Apdent I can borrow you Tapemachines and Chinch to 3,5 mm sterotip adapter, need it on the Congress or later? Keep in mind you need a Computer with Audio in, and digitizing goes on in Real Playtime of the MCs.
    • Silentshadow have some audio equip on the congress! we can give it a try!
  • This guy is looking for older model notebooks and TFTs for an art project. Hard drives not necessary, rest should be in working conditions.
  • Joepie91 is looking for a working replacement LCD for his laptop, a Dell Latitude E5410. The original LCD is an AU Optronics B141EW05 V.5 (the version matters!), but any compatible LCD, new or used, is welcome - do please contact before the congress starts. He'll happily give you some Club-Mate for it! (LCD specs: 14.1", LED-backlit, 1280x800)
  • JWhy is seeking for an Arduino Due.
  • Feeia is seeking a cheap HV source (1kV min), preferably battery powerable and small.
  • Feeia is seeking broken/obsolete USB disks and SD cards of all kinds. Will pay with hugs (if you like) and the promise they will be for a good cause (trolling). If you have plenty, some mate deals could be arranged. (In this case, please contact me beforehand) For details see my user page.
  • Syso is seeking for all kind of electronics equipment for an electronics lab / hardware hacklab and information. Free is the best, payment also possible.
  • Nullmark is seeking for a old IDE Harddrive, not larger than 8 GB.
    • Joepie91 may have one, but no guarantees - not sure if I still have it, or whether it even still works. If it does, it'd be around 4.3GB.
    • That would be awesome! Where can i meet you?
    • I wasn't able to find it, sadly, sorry :(
    • I now have it, many thanks :)
    • Apdent i bring in a few old Hard Drives you can test.
    • I have one now :)

  • Wyld is seeking a non-buzzing display inverter and a cheap Ultrabase with key(s) for a ThinkPad X200
    • The Compiler thinks he has one from his x201t (which was stolen). I'll bring it if I find the keys!
  • The Compiler Is looking for a (normal, i.e. non-Steel) Pebble charging cable to buy
  • Pixiono is seeking for a ThinkPad R40 battery
  • Shreyder is seeking ThinkPad T500/W500 spare sparts. Especially mainboards and displays.
  • Shu is seeking for a bit of SMD solder paste, eg. in a small syringe (leaded is very welcome!)
  • Shu is seeking for an x200 docking station (ie. Ultrabase) to connect a DVI monitor to her laptop.
  • Joj is seeking for a CR2032 RTC battery, if you've got a spare laying around.
    • Apdent How much you need? I have aprox 200, CRC 3032 and 200, AG13 left from a Projekt.
    • Joj Terrific! Actually, I would just need one of those CRC3032. Where/When can I find you?
  • Grindhold is looking for $Android-Device to develop and test an app on, because the emulator sucks ass. I'd only like to borrow it for the time of congress. API-Level 11 or higher would be awesome.
    • Rumlingen has a used nexus 4 she'd share, but no dect. Contact her via jabber or her name at gmail dot com
  • Samouy is seeking a battery for Dell Latitude D830 laptop against a beer / tea to have more than 10min of autonomy . Query Samouy on freenode at anytime . Thanks :-)

*MarvinGS is looking for a (working) DECT-Phone for 31c3, because he forgot his :/ I'd be happy to give it back after Congress!

  • N0airc0n 10y old Fijiman needs sth compact with a keyboard and display to connect to his Raspberry Pie.
  • Hanta5 Needs some RAM ( PC3-8500 ) for his T500
    • Have 2GB of PC3-12800S contact Ik4ru5 or Psy @ KoFfeIn e.V. Assembly or you can reach psy via DECT 4779 --Ik4ru5 (talk) 13:12, 27 December 2014 (CET)
  • Tkd and Q3k are looking for some C13 power cables for the Warsaw Hackerspace assembly.
  • Jonsen is looking for a cheap, ready-to-program micro controller for my ws2812b led stripe, my pi isnt willing enough :/
  • Hardwarefreser is looking for a Lenovo Thinkpad X300/X301 battery in good condition
  • Maverick is looking for someone selling a x200/x201/x300. Send details and asked price via SMS to 2304. Thanks :)
  • Jonsen is looking for an cheap Arduino with board and everything u need to work with it
  • FloFra is looking for someone that owns a vaporizer and won't mind sharing it so he can find out if he should buy his own.
  • Druesendieb is seeking for someone who has sewing equipment && helps me to fix my jacket. DECT 4260 - tia

MrBlue is looking for a Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI Cable

    • Clewer has such an adapter. Jabber me. Or don't, I'm a nerd, not the police.
  • Apo is looking for a dremel and hot glue gun to add USB to a keyboard. You can find me at the bytewerk assembly, on IRC as apo, DECT 2764, or per mail at a at nospam 0au dot de.
    • Larifari We've got a glue gun! Call 5280 or come to Lübecker Clusterfuck next to Tardis ;)
  • Berta is looking for someone who can read an eprom 2764 and put the data on an a usb stick DECT 7311 or 7310
  • Emeryth is looking for a TL074/TL084 op-amp in SMD package (or compatible op-amp)
  • Lockpicking Area needs 25m network cable - we pay in beer or mate Slacc
    • Reagan I'll be there with the cable at ~14:00
      • Thank you!
  • Paddy is looking for adapter from power plug type L[1] to type F [2] (or similar). Contact me on jabber.

* Mkrab is looking for a Debian or Fedora DVD / CD (no ISO) - Es tut auch n DVD Rohling

  • Joj wants to buy a cat5 or cat6 ethernet cable, 5m-10m.
  • Diego is looking for somebody who doesn't need his/her 4-day ticket anymore to give it to a friend who has yet to be convinced how awesome C3 is.
  • Trilader is looking for a magstripe reader/writer and at least one (4 would be better) empty cards. Only needed for the duration of 31c3.
  • Silfurskotta is looking for simple headphones. Mine are gone. Even the worst with a cable break is good enough.
  • Mist is looking for a battery for his phone: Motorola Droid 4, EB41. Also for a Torx screwdriver for changing.
  • Sofakante is looking for an USB to LAN adapter to do her signalangel shifts (for MacBookAir)
  • Siiikooo0743 is looking for a working Thinkpad T400 keyboard, because his is damged due to Mate-attack
  • Cbdev (DECT 4115) is looking for 20 minutes with a DB9 Genderbender (Female to Female) - alternatively (though unlikely to happen) 5 minutes with a SGI / Rackable Systems Roamer Serial Cable (RJ45<->DB9) (RJ45 1..8: RTS, DSR, RXD, GND, GND, TXD, DTR, CTS)
  • MarBle is looking for an old (or new) DVD burner drive. Defective ones are also ok.
  • Zimt2zicke is looking for a charger for Nintendo DSi XL.
  • Matematic is still(!) looking for a projector and/or projection space to do some visuals. (just want to borrow)
  • Guysbert is looking for a cheap notebook to spare, to help out a fellow hacker who shamelessly got the advice not to bring one. DECT-> 9291
  • Fast is looking for a attiny2313(a) and some LEDs. DECT-> 9598
  • Tillz is looking for two AAA batteries or an AAA-charger for his DECT (contact via mail or leave your DECT no. here).
    • Guysbert has some for you. I'm sitting at 'Sendezentrum' somewhere. Call me: Dect --> 9291
  • Formatc1702 needs 10 DIP switches and 10 Male-Female jumper cables for some manual bitbanging shenanigans. Borrowing is also OK. Thanks!
  • Miko wants to buy a external HD.
  • Killerlort is looking for an Sailfish OS or Firefox OS Phone
  • Sqozz seeks his certified capsule which was blown away by a little boy. It contains a little ping-package-paper and acceleration dependent LED-lighting - if found, please call 8264.
  • Implr is looking for an ATX power supply or some other fairly high-current 5V source.
  • Murray is always searching for old hardware and software from 1999 and before (e.g. 8Bit and 16Bit Homecomputers, spare parts and add-ons, Sega Dreamcast spares and equipment, original software and literature from the good old days). Contact in my profile.
  • Felicitus is looking for one laser-printable transparency sheet OR a way to make a freeform printed sticker on 31C3. DECT 3354

Hardware seeks hacker

  • Sirenensang is not quite sure if this is the right way to get rid of her Acer A200 Iconia Tab (32gig, has been played around with a bit, good condition) by trading it for a notebook of reasonable size and comparable stats (or just for a green Euro note).
  • Nerdinand is parting with his EyeTV Diversity DVB-T receiver, contact via GSM or Twitter
  • Luja needs help with linux kernel raid6, which has corrupted meta information and instists disks are down, which are there and operating. Can not rebuild raid.
  • Shu gives away bare Avoccado PCBs, bare Arduino Pro Mini PCBs, MSP430 Launchpad dev kit
    • Ckeen would give a msp430 a new home
  • Danrl gives away a EMFCamp 2014 Tilda Badge in exchange for a bottle of mate or beer
    • Noctis will pay a bottle of beer in the bar, formally known as Ten Forward.
  • Danrl gives away a ThinkPad x200 battery in good condition in exchange for a bottle of mate or beer
    • That's great, Mad'd give away a bottle of mate for a ThinkPad x200 battery!
    • I am sorry, mad, I tried calling you for the last couple of hours. Now i gave it to someone who desperately needed it. Hope that was OK. --danrl (talk) 19:33, 27 December 2014 (CET)
      • Ah, that was you, my phone kept making weird noises instead of ringing. So it's broken :/ But my battery only had a lose contact, so everything is fine. --Mad (talk) 19:50, 27 December 2014 (CET)
  • Danrl gives away two ThinkPad x200 HDD trays in good condition in exchange for a bottle of mate or beer

*Silentshadow gives away a ThinkPad SL500 without HDD and fingerprinter! The chassis is not in the best condition! I think you need some screws or gaffertape to get it up and running!

  • Komasa accidentally ordered this Thinkpad T60/R60 battery recently, which is useless to me and my T400
    • Flatline has a T60 in dire need of a battery.
    • Komasa's email provider is currently not letting me connect, but I'll send you a mail as soon as I can
    • Llankru is also interested (DECT 5562,
  • Bobo PK gives away a ThinkPad R40 in excellent condition but with one broken USB port and no battery (but working charger) -contact me on jabber or twitter-
  • Bobo PK giwes away 6 cat5 cables. 4x 20 cm 2x ~1m
  • Alice23 multiple 1 & 2 GB DDR2/3-RAM | touchatag USB HF RFID reader
    • Yolo is interested in RAM for Computerwerk-assembly; please contact me
  • Reagan gives away: Compaq Proliant 1850R (4 HU), fully functional, 1 GB RAM, 1 CPU P3 500 MHZ (second slot is free), 4 HDD-cages (dives NOT included!), 1 power supply (second slot is free), 1 SmartArray 3200 RAID-Controller (Dual-Channnel), 1 SmartArray 3200 RAID-Controller (single-Channel) and a bunch of accessories (voltage-regulators etc.) for beer and talk at Ten Forward.
    • Llankru would love to have a look at it to evaluate its usefulness for a project
      • Reagan will contact You tomorrow via new registered DECT-phone.
        • Reagan sorry, DECT-phone doesn't register (Panasonic TCA275). Where can we tomorrow meet?
  • !Frankie gives away a Thai SIM Card (TrueMOVE)
  • MrBlue gives away a Neo FreeRunner with Debug Board in exchange for bitcoin
  • Njumaen gives away a Portech MV-370 - 1 channel VoIP GSM Gateway [3]
  • Njumaen gives away a SIP-Phone (Lancom-LS61613)
    • Llankru would gladly put it to use.
  • Monster has an old SIP adaptor (Linksys PAP2T, Sipura based, if memory serves) to give away, you'll have to promise to wipe it though.
  • Monster Has an old Linksys NSLU2 (Hardware revision 1, I think, it's a long time since it had power) to give away, if memory serves it currently runs an extremely sawed-off (but functional) version of Debian, is meant to have one of its USB ports populated with a device to hold userdata and such.
    • Nullmark remembers that those where pretty cool, and would like to have it :)
      • Drop by our table at the assembly (In Chaos West, between Comix and C base), I'll leave it out, just in case I'm not there, or mail me (details on my userpage) and I'll drop by.
  • Monster Has a pair (Total 4GB) of old 2GB PC2-5300 DIMMs (HP branded Hynix modules) Registered (I think, couldn't be arsed to look it up, model number HMP525F7FFP4C-Y5D3 AB-C) RAM modules.
  • Thoax has plenty of energy-drinks from netherlands (pfandfrei)
  • Micha has a Thinkpad X61s for some new owner - (CPU L7500, 2GiB RAM, Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Mini-PCI Express Adapter, Integrated Fingerprint Reader, 8-cell cylindrical Battery, Sierra Wireless HSDPA WWAN, Bluetooth Daughter Card, german keyboard)
    • Slacc how can we reach you? DECT 8100 or 5625 or mail address on my profile.
    • Tyodo is interessted too, contact info on my profile.
    • Guysbert is also interested. Call me if it's still available: 9291
    • Llankru joins the club of the interested. DECT 5526
  • Apdent has left aprox. 200-300 CR 3032 and 200 AG 13 Cells from an old Projekt, Pay in MAte, My buying price: CR3032 18 cent each, AG13 blister (10) 1 Euro. Please DONT ASK FOR LESS THEN 10 Piece!
    • Cbdev would take 20 CR3032, would trade for 2 Mate? :) - btw your phone number seems unresponsive, you can reach me @ 4115
  • Thoax gives away a usb RFID-Reader SCM SCL011 for a beer
    • Reagan is interested (new DECT-phone tomorrow).
      • Reagan sorry, DECT-phone doesn't register (Panasonic TCA275). Where can we tomorrow meet?
  • Diego shares his water kettle at the OSM assembly (next to the lockpicking area).
  • Erlang has to give away two WiFi SoC ESP8266 for free. Dect: 2554
  • Dfgg have some nanoSIM cutters and one Arduino Mega 2560 clone for exchange on local gelds
  • Cipher I have two Stornophone 800 with base station but no batteries. Anyone interested? Will trade for Mate :) text me on GSM 4466 or on @ Ciph3r @ the ccc jabber service.
  • Hacker seeks Hacker for Hardware

    • Kitsune samsung tablet seeks hacker for a system makeover. All the way from the root. :-P apreciate all help I can get
    • MaCXyLo i have a broken Seagate HDD 3,5 Zoll - 7200.12 - ST3100528AS - i swapped the pcb / bios already but i think something is wrong with the read-write head. I try to connect over TTL, but don't know why it doesn't work. (followed this guide ) Anyone who can support me? :) Please send me a e-mail. Thanks!
    • Edaj needs help with minimizing SIM card to micro SIM.
    • Luja needs help with linux kernel raid6, which has corrupted meta information and instists disks are down, which are there and operating. Can not rebuild raid.
    • Joepie91 has a small off-brand ("Prostar") LCD game that no longer works, although it's probably just the battery, and would like to find somebody who can dump the game / internal storage / etc. Practically nothing can be found about it on the internet, so it will be a challenge for sure!
    • Bobo PK Needs help with a locked/messedup screw holding the mSATA card.
      • Apdent I can bring in Micro Srewdrivers and for the real Hard one a Dremel,
    • Joepie91 also has an old Alcatel brickphone that no longer works due to water damage, and would quite like to get it working again, if at all possible.
    • JDT is looking for someone who can configure this ibeacon, call me or IRC (The config-App is not working correctly)
    • Nullmark has a bricked ZX Spectrum, probably burned by the previous owner and his makeshift power supply. Maybe someone can give a few hints?
      • My first step when dealing with suspected defective electronic equipment is always to check for bloated caps, you'd be surprised how many devices I've repaired just by replacing a cluster or two of capacitors. --Monster (talk) 12:38, 28 December 2014 (CET)
    • Scy has a Narrative Clip that records raw GPS data in a proprietary format for in-the-cloud geotagging. Since he’s working on an open metadata library for the Clip, he’s looking for someone to help decode that data format or algorithm, which is apparently called SNAP. (Additional links in the comments in here.)
    • Kalyan18 is looking for someone who knows if and how a water damaged Apple Wireless Keyboard (Model A1314) can be repaired. It's just sending erratic keypress signals.
      • Apdent Take out the Batteries wash it smoothly in Distillate Water and let it dry a week (not to warm) in the sun behind a window.
    • Monster is caring for a parallella which is desperately searching for a purpose. I will, in all likelyhood keep caring for it, but it would like to get some excercise, at least for the duration of the event.
    • Engeld is seeking for someone to help debug a not-working r0ket.
    • Azrael brought a Thinkpad X121 which randomly turns off (slightly more likely if battery is installed, and/or heated), s/o who might know and/or fix it?
    • WuschLOR needs somebody to break the simlock of his alcatel 4030x.

    Erfa-Kreis sucht Referent/in

    • Der Chaos Computer Club Stuttgart sucht Referenten für Vortragsreihe. Der CCC Stuttgart bietet jeden dritten Donnerstag in der Stadbibliothek Stuttgart einen Vortrag in der Reihe "Digitale Lesekompetenz / Digitale Kultur" an. Hierzu werden für das kommende Jahr 2015 noch dringend Referenten gesucht. Diese sollten aus der Region Stuttgart stammen (da der CCCS Anfahrtskosten nur begrenzt übernehmen kann) und Interesse daran haben einen einstündigen Vortrag (auf Deutsch oder Schwäbisch) zu chaosrelevanten Themen für ein breit gefächertes Publikum zu halten.
      • Ansprechpartner (auch für Rückfragen):

    Found hugs

    If you feel depressed or for any other reason need some hugs: contact one of the following users

    • Modal provides free hugs for those in need and those in seek.
    • Alxd provides free hugs and cuddles during the whole conference for everyone.
    • Plueschopath provides free hugs and cuddles too :3
    • Brn provides free hugs too.
    • Hibby will be available for hugs, snuggles and discussions for all. Look for the Scotsman with a ginger beard in a kilt.
    • The Compiler is available for hugs or if anyone needs someone to talk to as well.
    • Tdfischer is known to be fond of hugs, cuddles, and will happily lend an ear to anyone who needs it.
    • Regines provides free hugs for everyone during the whole conference. Also feel free to contact me if you need someone to talk to.
    • Ente is available for hugs and conversations.
    • Juliwieaugust professional powerhugger.
    • Sirenensang provides hugs, snuggles, tissues and friendly maid service (if asked nicely). Yes, that is a maid outfit.
    • Creo will spare a hug, sometimes even while doing a NOC-Helpdesk shift. But .. don't talk .. just don't ruin the moment :)
    • FNX: free hugs and will listen if you need someone to talk to
    • Erlehmann provides free shrugs ヽ(´ー`)ノ
    • Esta provides hugs, ears, smiles and general company.
    • Yolo provides hugs, ears, smiles and swag for anyone who can find him (between talks at the Computerwerk assembly).

    Hacker seeks Bitcoin

    You can always try to buy and sell everyones favorite cryptocurrency at the Bitcoin-Sofa in a P2P way.

    Bitcoin Beginners Workshop everyday at 15:00.

    Satoshi Square (buy & sell) everyday of the confrence at 18:30 at the Bitcoin Sofa.

    • 1kF9bo4yPLsUwvv5CmVfea8447dYix9gC
    • 186w8zPZYD9cb6F2vhAXyZWToDq8pWePHx <-- spare 100 satoshis for a good thing
    • 174jvC4s4wWQdg3GskmBXc8htDaG9NzYBv <-- would like to buy 0.5 - 1 BTC
      • Would be too nice if there were some contact-information on your Wiki-Page.. However, Silfurskotta would sell some coins :3
    • Jolower is selling some BTC as well. Contact me via mail
    • 1Brain6AfpGKmKHTC7LrEy2id5eR1ypb1V <-- need money for Tschunk <3
    • usability-rants, ideas, prerequisites and general help needed to implement Bitcoin payment for congress (at least online-ordering tickets) or future events
      • request your cryptocoin payment option at the officials in orga-group

    Gamer seeks Gamer

    • Db0 : Searching for new friends who play Love Live School Idol Festival.
    • Phils3r : Searching for new friends who play 2D/3D Beat em Up and other Arcade related games.
    • Murray is searching for people who play Elite:Dangerous. Just started the game, need someone to talk to about basic tactics to come into the gameplay.

    WebOS device seeks software

    I'm a webOS device and i'm looking for software that's no longer available via the appstore. If you know of some webOS software archive please contact my owner Unlix via jabber ( or event phone (2505)!

    Radio Station seeks listeners

    • Somebody wants to offer a DECT service for dirty talks?
      • Phone Sex couldbe easily implemented by configuring a DECT extension for multicast use. @POC: Would this be configurable using a given extension?
        (cf. simultaneous audio translations DECT 8011-8016; one station is sending, multiple stations are receiving)
    • Do you need Star Wars music? listen to 107,9MHz FM. I'll be very glad when you listen to this.
      • boost the signal, the reception sucks in the mixed assembly area ;-P