Note: This streams are not available till day 1 (27th December).

The live streams are available in a different of formats, over a variety of transports. For each room is at high quality (HQ, 576p25) and low quality (LQ) stream available. For hall 1 (Saal 1) there is an additional high definition (HD, 1080p25) stream. Each stream is available in the native language of the talk (english or german), as well as including a translation (german or english).

The easiest way to access the streams is the Web Interface at

The following is a full matrix of the available streams:

Saal 1 Saal 2 Saal G Saal 6

DECT / SIP / GSM Audio Streams

Number Function
8001 Saal 1
8011 Saal 1 (simultaneous interpretation, if offered)
8002 Saal 2
8012 Saal 2 (simultaneous interpretation, if offered)
8004 Saal G
8014 Saal G (simultaneous interpretation, if offered)
8006 Saal 6
8016 Saal 6 (simultaneous interpretation, if offered)

Recordings and Streamdumps

see Documentation