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The infodesk provides a Lost and Found Box.  
The infodesk provides a Lost and Found Box.  
If you found something or lost something feel free to edit the [[Lost+Found]] page.
If you found something or lost something feel free to edit the [[Lost+Found]] page.
==== Found ====
* White Ultrabook, Asus Sonicmaster, owner seems to be Josef I.
* Lenovo Netzteil Saal3 (Assembly's) am Tisch CCCFR / 3D-Drucker  (-> tjingz_at_gmx_net )
* <s>iPhone, blaues cases, auf der Damentoilette</s>
* rote Stofftasche
* <s>blue scarf</s>
* Luggage found by Lufthansa for Guillerme R. (please contact Infodesk for more information)
* DECT from plonk
* Angel Badge. Name: "4A - Steve'"
* <s>Black glove (right side)</s>
* Jackknife (Firma Böker plus)
* Colorful portemonnaie (found at the WC)
* Hotelzugangskarte / hotel keycard
* <s>Google/Samsung Nexus phone</s>
* <s>Black jacket</s>
* Black/brown wool cap
* Black wool cap
* Pair of black lady boots
* <s>Crypto device</s>
* Black Samsung feature phone
* Something for Florian Kellmer
* Headlamp
* Something for Christian Lehmann
* USB Drive
* <s>Something for ego at noahvalley.ch</s>
* 1 wooden glove (right hand)
* brown scarf
*  1 wallet, us drivers license, debit card
* Black Sony Ericsson XPeria Neo(?), in Lounge
*  <s>Tablet 7" - Found at Wolke 7<s>
* <s>Dunkelrote Bommelmütze</s>
* Train ticket to Basel (for Claudio Luck)
* Mac Ladekabel
* Geldbeutel Andreas H.
* Garderobenmarke 520
* HVV Wochenticket: Benjamin S.
* Garderobenmarke 401
* temple (Brillenbuegel)
* Sony Ericsson QuickShare (gefunden im Saal 2, mittlerer Block)
* USB-Stick Intenso vom ersten Stock
* ThinkPad T420s in einer blauen Tasche mit jax-Aufschrift
* 1 Paar schwarze Lederhandschuhe
* Nexus 7
===== items currently stored at CCCHH =====
* Hello Kitty sleeping mask ^.^
* Plastic Box with stuff (Mainboard, Ram, ...)
* Apple Bag with one Jar oh Honey
* Savings Box
* Pencil Case
* And another pencil Case
* Black Headphone with lanyard
* Black Notebook (the papery kind)
* Another black Notebook
* Smartphone Case (know the brand)
* Bag with tobacco and stuff
* Small Tin with greasy or something
* Black Plastik part, maybe from a tripod
* One pair black Socks with something else
* Sim Card
* Expired Netherland ID Card
* Spectacle case
* One more spectacle case
* Sun glasses (no brand)
* Spectacles with blinky LEDs
* Plush Notebook
* ICE Rail Ticket
* Packstation Card
* RFID Card
* Bag for small presentation Remote
* "16" magnet
* Buisiness card box
* 3D printed Joke
* DECT Phone with cradle
* International plug adapter thingy
* Mobile Phone (not smart)
* Small remote control
* Low voltage power plug adaptor set
* 5 Port Gigibit Switch
* Hairbrush. With Hairs. A lot. Actually, Hairs with a Brush.
* Box of "laminating pouch film"
* Length of blue rope
* Ver.di Bag
* Open source cap
* Leatherman pouch
* TV remote control
* Power Supplys: Notebook III, Handy I
* Towels: red, green, black II
* Plastik bag with toothbrush and color cream
* Bag with short and two shirts
* Clothes, black: Zipper IV, Jacket (thin) IV, Hoody IV, Pullover III, Socks, Gloves III, Shirt II, pair of gloves
* Clothes, not black: shirt (gray, blue, brown, beige, olive), pullover (blue, red, beige), rain coat (green), tank top (blue), Zipper (gray,blue), wool sweater, kids pullover (blue, purple), pair of gloves (purple), girl tank top (blue)
* Caps XXIV
* Scarves XXIX
* Grimy flip flops
* Cotton bag
* Red bag with knitting stuff
* Umbrellas V
* rain jacket grey
* jute bag black
* house shoe (one!)
* DECT base station, Motorola, "Special" Color
* ZTE USB travel Charger
* Camera(?) bag w/ velcro
* Paper notebook
* from lost & found (bag: "speaker's desk"):
* power strip white
* Batman action figure
* USB adaptors (micro usb, apple dock)
* black metal cover (cash desk?)
==== Possibly Lost & Found again ====
'''please contact mail@hamburg.ccc.de'''
* black hoody 2 XL with stiched 18C3 Star from C&A, last seen next to the C-Shuttel in Halle H Lounge Area
* SIM-card for regular cellphone, probably has "Medion" or "E-Plus" printed on it (got it in Aldi).
==== Lost ====
* I forgot my RaspberryPi nearly the CoffeeNerds. It is very conspicuous because i repared the SD Slot on my own and there was a sticker on it with my GSM Number. Contact c3.luftloch@safersignup.de
* Pink and green knit zippered handbag with knitted strap. Contains: Everything. Help! Please contact: Greenville22@gmail.com
* iFixIT SchraubenzieherSet
* Dell Vostro V131 Metallic Rot
* Dell E6430 with Stratum0-Sticker, "vans of the wall"-sticker, Tokio Hackerspace and watchers on the wall, contact info in battery compartment.
* Sven E. Kreditkarte
* German ID, HVV transport card and various other IDs Masi. F., lost on day 1 Mail: internet.masi@posteo.net
* DECT from thillux (maybe lost in Saal 2)
* 1 White 6 Port Power Board (6er Schuko Steckerleiste weiß) labled with 2 small stickers "mxr"  - Day 3 (between  6am - 10 am), Floor 2, in fron of hall 1 (please drop at lost & found and/or text/call  5482)
* E-Zigarette
* Black ZTE Blade ("Base Lutea") (From Saal 1 or Saal 2) (If found, call DECT: 2464)
* Apple Netzteil für Macbook-Air mp@floatec.de
* USB-Stick Corsair Voyager 16GB, Kontakt hans@pot81.de
* Black In-Ear-Headphones
* Reading glasses light frame, please contact kw@berlinergazette.be
* angel-t-shirt 2XL ->  Contact frank@geany.org
* Seidenstrasse capsule with "Walther" flashlight taped to the inside. Contact 2635 dect
* Sony Vaio Tab 11 - Probably stolen :( - Last seen in my backpack on a sofa in heaven - E-Mail: simon@aerolife.de
* r0ket with orange custom SMD LEDs at the bottom. Says gandalf when you turn it on. Please contact gandalf@szene.ch
* Ray Ban sunglasses, "Hornbrillen" style. Lost somewhere in the aftermath of the party at lounge/straylight on the 30th. Please contact gandalf@szene.ch
* Black colored earphones (Creative EP630). Searching since last 2 days.. :(  (Could have lost them probably be around Saal1 or in the assembly area on the first floor (near the Sondersendung area)) Please contact nirzaree.svnit@gmail.com if found..
* lost bright-green soft shell/sports jacket in the lounge at the afterparty. If you found it, please contact me a lostmygreenjacket@gmail.com
* Sennheiser in-ear headphones, lost in hackcenter (ius@pargon.nl)
* Big grey traveling bag with somewhat hacked wheels. Was in angel area ("lounge"). Tried to look for it in Hall H, didn't find it. '''Contains warm clothing and other things that owner REALLY wants to get back. He's having kind of mental breakdown because of what happened.''' Last seen on 2013-12-31 04:11:52 +0200 Pictures of what it looked like: http://ketas.si.pri.ee/lost-bag/ Contact ketas on IRC
* Stainless steel "Thermos" insulated hydration bottle, approx. 0.8l, with colorful dots at the bottom and an inscripted name E.S. bahne_spm at gmx.net
*Lost nokia 6300 in red color. Please contact anna(at)mechanical-mind.org.
*PSU for Thinkpad T520. Lost somewhere in the hackcenter. Contact crux _at_ project-insanity.org
* Lost a "behind enemy lines" zipper hoodie in L (perhaps M). good condition. it's the one with the green radar on the back. it was my favourite hoodie :(  timo+hoodie@wakelift.de
* Glasses (blue oldfashion), folder (europe of the citizens), etui (silver hardcover); please contact kr@spaceweek.de - thankxxx
* Forgot my Ubiquity Edgerouter Lite in the Hackcenter, near Seidenstrasse test thing. oobaY8Yo _at_ gmx.net

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Lost and Found

The infodesk provides a Lost and Found Box. If you found something or lost something feel free to edit the Lost+Found page.