The recordings are or will be available in different video- and audio-formats. Additional to the formats provided last year we publish WebM (video) and Opus (audio-only).

The first recordings has been published. The others will follow in the next days.

If a filename contains multiple language marks like de-en the video contains two audio tracks: native room audio and a translation.

  • de-en means the talk was held in german and translated into english.
  • en-de means the talk was held in english and translated into german.

Official recordings are available at:

We don't fill external video services like YouTube or Vimeo ourselves. This is done by users and not to be considered as official CCC channel.

If you upload one of our recordings, please

  • ensure that you provide all metadata especially the correct title, speaker names, licence and language.
  • disable ads for this video
  • If a file has multiple audio tracks, make sure the viewer can switch between both languages. This could mean that you have to upload the video twice.
  • check regularly if new subtitles are available and add them to both uploads

Recording torrents

how to get them as a l33t h4x0r

for x in `lynx --dump | grep "http" | grep  "30c3" | cut -c 7-`; do 
 echo "$x".torrent;

how to get new torrent files not present in local directory

for x in `lynx --dump | grep "http" | grep  "30c3" | cut -c 7-`; do if [ ! -e "$( echo $x.torrent|sed -e 's,.*2013/mp4/,,')" ]; then wget "$x".torrent; fi; done

Current output:

Everyone else



For the time between the talk and the released recording, some people store the live streams and provide these files for other users. If you upload stream dumps to video services like Youtube or Vimeo please remove them after a official recording was released.

Just to be clear: The CFP defines CC BY 3.0 as licence for the recordings. This does not cover the streams and thereby also not the streamdumps. This means the streamdumps are NOT covered by a creative commons licence.

unofficial YouTube Livestream & Recording Saal 1

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