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An other option is using the Talk or Discussion pages within this wiki, or Contact us e.g. via email.

Scope of this page

The scope of this page is to document how you might create different types of information within this wiki.

This wiki makes use of the Semantic Media Wiki Extension so it allows to organize information using semantic features. The semantic features allow the aggregation of information within the wiki on several pages. In order to get the aggregation working properly there are some things you should consider during site creation.

Types of wiki pages

We provide several types of wiki pages. Sites not yet documented within this documentation should not be created yet as the templates are still work in progress. If you create pages with incomplete or not yet existing templates you might cause problems that might imply that your information will not be found properly. The orga-team might miss information that might be relevant for planning.

All protected templates, forms and properties within this wiki are managed by the wiki administrators. Please do not create other templates extending the existing ones. If you have enhancements for any of the existing templates, use the discussion page so that a wiki-admin can implement your ideas. You should not create templates like Person2, Project3 and so on, as they will cause trouble on changes of the original templates or forms. If you wanna be part of the wiki team, please contact us!

Managing your userpage

Your userpage should be automatically generated during your signup for wiki access. The information requested by the signup form below the username/password-Box is published on your users wiki page.

You can always edit the information within the page by using "Edit with form" on your userpage.

After adding Projects or Assemblies to your userpage you should occur in the list of users on the pages. The mediawiki might need some time to update the semantics cache. If you have used the autocompletion and the value has been added correctly, you just have to be patient.

Please do not add any further categories to your userpage. For aggregations you might use the information available via semantics.


If you do not yet know, what an assembly is, refer to the Assemblies page in this wiki. It contains a list of assemblies as well as a description what assemblies really are.

To register your own assembly, use the assembly creation form.

The form contains several field where you can add information about your assembly that is used in automatically generated lists around this wiki that should help other persons to find your assembly.

Beside some information like the name of the assembly, additional weblinks, information about a person that can be contacted in case of questions, there is an organizational secion on the form that you have to fill out as it is used by the orga-team for planning.

You should give us an email address of an orga contact so that the orga-team can drop you a mail, if there are open questions.

If you like to perform lectures or workshops at your assembly, we need an average information about additional seats you might need for this. Setting the Local workshops/lectures field to yes or maybe will also add your assembly to the list of workshop locations, so that you can link Workshops to your assembly. If there are any Workshops at your location, an additional timeline will show up on your assembly page informing visitors about your local schedule.

To help us with the planning, you can give information about Planned workshops/lectures you like to provide, that do not yet have an own workshop page. For special information about your assembly that should be considered during planning you can also leave some Notes.

The Free text field can be used to describe your assembly. In this field, you can just use the normal wiki syntax to format the content on your needs, and it will show up as the main body of your page. -->