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Level 1
Size (in m²) 1000
Seats 250

PA System, Multiple Beamers, Couches, Bar, Water cannon, Space Ship, Stage, and much more


R E V O L U T I O N #9

Located: Halle H - ground floor - entrance thru Foyer

Daytime: Chill'n'Lounge with DJs, liveacts, concerts and performances. Hang around with great music.

Nighttime: PARTY!! A lot of great acts will bring the Lounge to an extasy!

Lounge has 3 areas:

The main area: dictatorship against the revolution! Dance between the police and the protestors!

Captain's Lounge: Observe the revolution from above, in a fine and golden atmosphere.

Chaos Shuttle: Enough of all this? Leave the planet and go to space...

Check out the lineup in the schedule:

For fast updates follow the Lounge on twitter: @30c3Lounge

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