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Askemos +Askemos eliminates the need for trust in digital relationships – be it trust in physical components or in people. Askemos is an autonomous meta-operating system for the clouds: Ethical cloud computing for the future.
Associated Whistle-Blowing Press RELEASE +AWP´s kickstart release.
Atari 2600 VCS hacking +Retro-hacking to the max: coding on the 1977 Atari 2600 VCS
Aussenstelle511 +This assembly consists of the folks from the Leitstelle511 (CCC Hannover - C3H).
Awesome Retro +Retro gaming village bringing nice surprises.


Backspace +Assembly of the hackerspaces in bamberg called backspace.
Banjax +Apache Traffic Server Plugin to detect bots and ban them defeating DDoS attackers trying to silence online voices.
Barcode Memory +Find the "matching" barcodes in our Barcode Memory game with a barcode scanner. Barcode pairs represent the same image shown on a monitor. LEDs show the barcode status.
Beer +Home brewing has become quite popular. We meet and sample each other's beer.
Binary Analysis +Do you stare at bytes? Reconstruct control flow? Recover datastructures? Let us have a chat about tools and methods!
Binary Kitchen +Binary Kitchen e.V. is a Hackspace located in Regensburg
BioHacking +Bioinformatics and nanoscale biology on CCC!
BiscuIT +Freies Schul-Informations-System
BiscuIT +Entwicklung eines Freien Schul-Informations-Systems
BlinkenArea +some people playing with light installations and light objects, hacking electronics and software around blinking LEDs and light bulbs, offering (SMD) soldering workshops/sessions
Board/Card games +This is a session for all people interested in Board and Cardgames. Bring your games!
BookScanner +Demonstration of a Bookscanner from and mounted at La Quadrature du Net's location in Paris. Scanning of Books for every hacker at the 30C3! Bring your books!
Brewing +This project is about brewing both non alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, so come shear and learn!
Building Klackerlaken for kids +Kids can build clanking bugs in this workshop.
Building Multicopters +We will build a 'Multicopter' aka Quadrocopter from scratch. That includes frame, mechanics, electronics and programming.
Button Maker +Create your own buttons!
Bytewerk +Bytewerk - ein Raum für technisch-kreative Projekte in Ingolstadt


C-base +EVA of the crashed space station crew from berlin
C3D2 pentagon +Chaos Computer Club Dresden / Erfa Dresden
C3MA and CCCFFM +The combined assembly of the Erfas Mannheim and Frankfurt
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