Description Since the much loved OHAI Brause (OHAI sherbet) got lawyered, we're making our own fizzy energy stuff!
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Persons working on Hadez, Rixx
Located at assembly Shackspace
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Making your own sherbet is really easy and not that expensive. OBAI Brause is aiming to give you that crucial caffeine dose you're craving for to get you through the event.

As part of the workshop you'll be able to mix your very own sherbet with ingredients available at the shackspace assembly.


We did some initial toying around and ended up with the following ingredient ratios. However, the recipe is up for debate though ;) Happy experimenting during our sessions!

Ingredient Amount
Sugar 77%
Guarana 12%
Citric Acid 5.3%
Sodiumbicarbonate 2.6%
Aroma 1.7%
Caffeine 1.4%


  • Citric acid + sodiumbicarbonate + water => fizzy CO2!
  • Once you've mixed citric acid + sodiumbicarbonate, make sure to keep it as dry as possible, it'll try to grab all the water it can get. Air humidity is enough to make this mixture into a mess.
  • To optimize the fizz, mix citric acid and sodiumbicarbonate in a 2.2 to 1 ratio.
  • Guarana itself contains between 3 to 5 % of caffeine.
  • We've added extra caffeine because guarana alone wasn't enough.
  • We've got "Red Berries" and "Cherry/Green Apple" aroma.