Description Why this title?

That’s because the knitting technique form swinging stanzas which look like waves and give stunning effects to your knitting.

The main technique is to start a short row with always the same amount of stitches and move this row, using a mathematical sequence of numbers for each short-row-field (stanza) of your work. This sequence could be any math sequence you invent, and you follow it throughout the whole project.

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This is a technique for advanced knitters! We are learning the technique based on an accessory like wristlets, a hat or a scarf.

First step is to knit an "inclined plane" which forms the base of the swinging stanzas. There are some simple rules to learn and follow, and like magic- in the end all your short rows are completed and the knitting is straight again.

Once learned the principle vou can combine colors and stanzas to a unique project.

Pictures and more informations are to follow.

Supplies: Knitting needles Yarn in 3-4 colors Safety pins in two different colors (10 of each color)