Description Get your nickname or hackerspace logo on your favorite clothing with our CAD embroidery machines (Brother and Husqvarna).
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Bring your own graphics and get them embroidered on your favorite textiles!

We have two embroidery machines: A big Husqvarna Viking Topaz 30 and a small Brother Inno-vis 90E. The first one covers an area up to 20x36cm.

What are requirements to my graphics?

It should not have too many colors since the thread needs to be exchanged for every color which is quite time consuming. However, we have over 120 colors :)


Furthermore, lines should not be thinner than 2mm. Graphics get converted to a proprietary file format containing stitches. These stitches have a certain resolution and automatic conversion will skip stitches if they are considered to be too small. Thus, it will not help using vector graphics. Your file should have a high resolution in which no compression artifacts or single pixels are visible after scaling it to embroidery size.

How large is your largest hoop?

On clothing, you usually don't want anything wider than 20cm. Otherwise, parts of the image might get lost under your arms.

Our embroidery hoops go up to 20x36cm. We have some sizes in between, e.g. 12x12cm, 4x4cm and more. This helps on small pockets, etc.


Which textiles can be embroidered?

Fabrics should not be too thin, too thick or too stretchy. Embroidery backing might help on thin and stretchy fabrics. We even have wash away backing for some special cases. If you have no clue about fabrics, we'll help you at our assembly.

Good examples: Hoodies, labcoats, most men shirts, jeans, towels

Bad examples: stretchy lady shirts, thick jackets


How robust is embroidery?

Embroidery thread can be washed up to 60°C.


RaumZeitLabor e.V. is a non-profit organization. Anyway, materials, machines and transport cost a lot. Donations help us getting new machines and realizing projects, see our website. It would be nice if you donate more than the following proposed prices. If you have not much money you are free to ask for reduced prices.

You can get basic clothing at our assembly if you don't have anything with you that can be embroidered.

We already prepared the 30C3 design with 3D effects ;) Since embroidering this design on a towel takes 1.5 hours, you should contact @naehrdine in advance to be sure to get one.


Item Proposed donation
embroider your own graphics 1€ per 1000 stitches
30C3 embroidery complete 15€
30C3 embroidery coordinate system 10€
30C3 embroidery rocket 5€
30C3 embroidery font 5€
30C3 towel 30x50cm 23€
30C3 towel 100x150cm 42€
30C3 hoodie 50€
add your nick (embroidery optimized fonts) 2€
hoodie without embroidery (men and women sizes, cozy warm fabric and zipper) 25€
t-shirt without embroidery (men and women sizes) 5€