Congress everywhere @ Ghoomakad
December 27th to 30th, 2013
Ghoomakad Hackerspace, VPO Rakkar,
Dharamshala, The Himalayas

The Event

The 30th Chaos Communication Congress (30C3) is an annual four-day conference on technology, society and utopia. The Congress offers lectures (not online yet) and workshops and various events on a multitude of topics including (but not limited to) information technology and generally a critical-creative attitude towards technology and the discussion about the effects of technological advances on society.



A Congress everywhere event will be held at the hackerspace venue in Dharamsala, Himalayas. For more information, see:


We watch the 30C3 live streams with backchannel and some highlight [of the last years]. But, what about you giving us a talk live and in place? So, if you have a workshop or paper along these lines that you would like to run/present with us, please send us an abstract. We try provide live uplinks to 30C3 for selected events.


Come hang out with us and show us how to do something cool:

Play with your (flying ?)robot, help us build a mud-wall, demo some cool opensource software, teach us about something novel about computer security (or flaw), help us cook meals, usher guests (see avobe about how to be an "angel"), manage the rubbish, be a trek guide into the mountains or show us some cool new climbing trick or rope knot.


It's going to be cold (<10 degree) – bring woollens and waterproofs!



  • We provide multi-standard power strips that should accommodate most laptop power plugs. If you have special requirements, do let us know. You also might want to bring some more power strips with you.
  • There will be a UPS for uninterrupted two-way telecommute. We're unable to provide UPS throughout the venue - if you need it, please speak to us beforehand. The supply doesn't normally trip for more than half and hour at a go, and it comes barely twice a week (fingers crossed) – so you probably don't need UPS if you only need to run a laptop.


  • Rakkar has partial 3G coverage on all Indian mobile providers. Ghoomakad is in the part with the 3G :)
  • The venue itself will have wireless access to broadband.
  • Rakkar has coverage from the two major wireless service providers - Vayudoot and Airjaldi - a personal subscription is not recommended for such a short period of time, but if you get one, do let us know :-)


This is a plastic neutral event. This means:

  • you take back with you all plastic that came with you.
  • locally sourced plastic is disposed properly
  • The water available in village spring and underground water pump is pure, so you should consider avoiding bottled water.
  • TODO: we help with this - more on this to come (TODO: speak to

Ghoomakad also runs a sustainable [village homestay programme in Rakkar:

  • Cost summary: Rs. 700 per day for homestay with neighboring village families, inclusive of simple and traditional Himachali food cooked on fire stove. Majority of the amount goes to the families.
    • If you prefer shower in the bath, let us know well in advance. We can try to get a shower installed in a village home bathroom. Hot water is available as well as the usual bucket and mug.
  • Also, there are few resorts in 1-3 kms radius.
  • TBD: Lots of open space to tent down in, if you bring your own tent. Be sure to follow camping etiquette. Keep in mind that it's going to be COLD ( < 10C ) outside!
Slumming it

If you are a student or an activist on a shoestring budget - don't let the cost of accommodation stop you. We're happy to open our homes to you (with very basic facilities) if you are willing to volunteer for the event. Do let us know very well in advance, and let us know:

  • Who you are, and how you can contribute to the congress.
  • Why you want to come hang out with us.
  • What you hope to take away from the congress.
  • See the wikitravel/wikivoyage pages and other usual suspects.


  • Join us for some homecooked Himachali food via Ghoomakad hackerspace community kitchen or a village homestay.

If you want to "eat out", the options are limited:

  • Tibetan: Small family run cafes near the Norbulinka centre, other side of the river, 20 min walk (todo: add map)
  • Indian: Fatehpur
  • Bakes and Beans: near Norbulinka and on the Sidbari-Fatehpur road, down the mountain, 20 min walk (todo: Map)


  • Primary health care at Rakkar at the local clinic at Nishta (NGO)
  • District Hospital at Lower Dharamsala
  • Highly equipped zonal hospital at Tanda, 30 minutes away


Getting in and out: Have a look at the Wikivoyage

  • Taxis are available for hire. Ghoomakad has good relations with the friendly neighbourhood taxi drivers.
    • Note: In the interests of an environmentally friendly event, we're probably going to have taxi share pools. We're working on this.
  • Public transport: HPTC (the government bus service) and private operators (note about rates to/from nearest point of interest here.
  • Flights: Gaggal (DHM) provides flights from Delhi (DEL). Taxi should be around 600rs to Rakkar. Pls contact us that we can organize direct pickup.
  • Bus: From Delhi there are plenty of daily overnight busses running, state and private.


For homestay arrangement:
Coming soon - event mailing list.