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|Has website=http://podlove.org
|Has contact=Tim Pritlove
|Related to assembly=Sendezentrum
|Provides session location=yes
|Has orga contact=tim@pritlove.org
|Needs seats=23
|Has assembly specification=3. We need something special or in between those options: Please specify in the field planning notes.
|Has planning notes=This has already been communicated to the Orga. No action needed.
Podlove is a project dedicated to improving the overall technical infrastructure in podcasting, benefitting podcasters and listeners alike. We produce the Podlove Publisher, the most sophisticated podcasting plugin for WordPress, the Podlove Web Player, the best HTML5 web player for podcasts and we work on much more stuff.
Please join us if you want to work on podcasting software or provide other infrastructure. We are especially looking fore people being able to hack in PHP and JavaScript and have a deep interest in the medium.

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