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|Has planning notes=Join the mailinglist here:
|Has planning notes=Join the mailinglist here:

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Description The Noisy Square is a horizontally organized community full of critical thinking, discussions, theorizing and politics. We encourage the fundamental questioning of all the systems we rely on, fight, build or destroy. We aim to build stronger ties, learn from and teach to the individuals and organizations participating in 30C3. Our favorite subjects are relating to citizen-journalism, tools for freedom, censorship, surveillance, open technology, circumvention techniques, organization analyses and politics in general.
Members Aaron, Alex, Anne, Ante, Aprica, Casper, Cls, Dannyobrien, Deconya, Dorien, Dosch, DrWhax, Drg, Fukami, Groente, Hark, Henk, Hieroph4nt, Kaepora, Kik1, Kwadronaut, Ln5, Lunar, LynX, Malaclypse, Maltman23, Maxfragg, Maxigas, Mbourbaki, Mfb, Mihi, Mo, Movonw, Mzeltner, Naif, Nana, Paz, PeterTheOne, Redplanet, Samthetechie, Smari, Smog, Socialhack, Stalex, Stefan, Stoopt, Tessel, Tg, Truemmer, Vecna … further results
Projects Banjax, EDRi, EFF, GlobaLeaks, Lounge, Mailpile, Mo's Sticker Exchange, Net neutrality, Stegotorus, TA3M, Torservers
Self-organized Sessions 13 Principles Worldwide Campaign, Associated Whistle-Blowing Press RELEASE, Campaign Strategies, Copyright Consultation: A Chance to influence EU policy, Copyright Debate: The Conference Game, Data Mining for Good, EU elections 2014, Exploit and Crypto Regulations, Export Controls on Surveillance Technology, FragDenStaat-de-Treffen, GlobaLeaks Anonymous Whistleblowing Software, How to get the Hacker Ethic out there?, How to help Tor?, IRMA demo and discussion, Language & Power, M3TA TA3M, Mailpile workshop, Minimalist hosting configs exchange, Net Neutrality, Noisy Square General Assembly, Noisy Square Paaaarty!!!, OpenKnowledgeMeetup, Phil. of hacking discussion, Postmodernism, social systems and whistle-blowing, Proper release practices,, Researching Net, Should Julian Assange be welcome?, Situational Awareness Technology & Domestic Spy Centers, Stealth-sms, Tor Relay Operators Meetup, WE - Whistleblowing Everywhere, WLPress - volunteer-organized news, What is next for the EU Data Protection reform?, Who is geek girl? Loaded words & politics, Zwiebelfreunde e.V. Mitgliedervollversammlung
Registered on 19 October 2013 21:52:12
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