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* pot for klatschkaffee (0mark)
* pot for klatschkaffee (0mark)
* coffee mill electronic (Skillet)
* coffee mill electronic (Skillet)
* thermometer (Sir) (not exactly lab-grade, but good enough, please bring some more)
* stuff we forgot, please remind us :)
* stuff we forgot, please remind us :)

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Contact Please contact Hannes, or join #coffeeassembly@irc.freenode.net or our mailing list coffenerds@elektropost.org
Description We love coffee and want to exchange methods of preparing and consuming coffee. We will provide some coffee machines to try them out. We want to establish a coffee bean exchange: bring your own beans!
Members 20100, BerndLiefert, Fightling, Hannes, Katti, Sir, Sodoku
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Registered on 28 October 2013 12:10:41
Location for self-organized sessions no
Self-organized session notes We plan:
  • Hot air coffee roasting
  • Cupping of different beans
  • Cupping of different extraction methods
  • Coffee Bean Exchange
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Orga contact fightling@elektropost.org
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Assembly specification
Planning notes

we want to enable people to try different methods of producing (from roasting over grinding until extraction) coffee!

Stuff we want to provide:

Bean Exchange

(please add yourself here! :)

Want/Bring Sort / Origin Amount Who
Bring El Salvador -- Las Nubes (Five Elephant, Berlin) 2 * 454g Hannes
Bring Bali -- Pure Bali Coffee / Kopi Luwak 50g / ca 20 g Dom
Bring Boginda -- Äthiopien/Waldkaffee aus Kaffa (rubens-kaffee.de) 250g Jgerhold
Bring Kimel -- Papua-Neufuinea (rubens-kaffee.de) 250g Jgerhold
Bring Oscar -- Peru (rubens-kaffee.de) 250g Jgerhold
Bring Geisha -- Panama/Spezialität (rubens-kaffee.de) 250g Jgerhold
Bring mexico -- chiapas el retiro (jbkaffee.de) 250+g Sir

Coffee Makers

  • aeropress (Katti)
  • portafilter (hannes: wega nova ale with 2 groups)
  • Bonamat gastronomy drip coffeemaker (0mark)
  • 2 small Moka pots (are they called so? I know them as Espressokanne or italienische Kaffeekanne)
  • Melitta Aromaboy, Stelton French Press, stainless steel espresso cooker (all three: Katti)
  • handpresso espresso (hannes)
  • Enamel percolator can (0mark)
  • AeroPress (Skillet)
  • AeroPress (Jgerhold)
  • Chemex (3-5 cups) (Sir)
  • please add yours (v60? rok? another aeropress? hario syphon?)


  • hg-one (hannes)
  • zassenhaus santiago schwarz (hannes)
  • DeLonghi KG 79 (Katti)
  • traditional hand grinder with steel mill (0mark)
  • Hario Mini (Jgerhold)
  • please add yours

Hot Milk and Foam

  • bialetti tutto crema (hannes)
  • please add yours


  • popcorn maker (need to buy on ebay!)
  • sample roaster (anyone has one?)


Other Stuff

  • hot plates (for stovetops, tutto crema) (Katti will check the storage room at the local hackerspace) (two single plates, 0mark)
  • hot water boiler (Katti can bring one, 0mark too)
  • scale (Vince brings one up to 100g, hannes has one 1/10g exact, up to 300g; Katti has a simple digital one; anyone else?)
  • timers to measure brewing time (hannes will bring one; others?)
  • porcelain filter (0mark, 1x2, works with 1x4) (Vince20100 brings 1,size 1x4,1x6 compatible)
  • Peppermill and Kardamom (0mark)
  • pot for klatschkaffee (0mark)
  • coffee mill electronic (Skillet)
  • thermometer (Sir) (not exactly lab-grade, but good enough, please bring some more)
  • stuff we forgot, please remind us :)