tel: 0049 30 559 59 464

Description A 3D Printer Farm:

-Mendel Max -Irapid -Orca -Ordbot -Ultimaker (2x) Scanner: -Microsoft Kinekt -Table Scanner

We will bring several 3D printers and we hope some more 3d printer owner will join us on the assembly so we can share protecting and operating all 3d printers on the congress. A fix meeting point for 3d scans and 3d printing.

Members Bantha, January
Projects 30C3 3D Printed Badge (or R0ket Part), 3D Printing and Scanning
Self-organized Sessions create self-organized session
Registered on 1 December 2013 15:05:45
Location for self-organized sessions maybe
Self-organized session notes 3d printing of the congress logo or a small giveaway.

Maybe try to do a 3d body scan?

Other assemblies...
Orga contact
Brings 3D Printers:

-Mendel Max -Irapid -Orca -Ordbot -Ultimaker (2x) Scanner: -Microsoft Kinekt -Table Scanner Others: fieldbed for nightwatch. 2 x Screens 4 x Laptop PC Box Filament

Seats needed 15
Extra seats 10
Assembly specification 3. We need something special or in between those options: Please specify in the field planning notes.
Planning notes Something like the drone movement has its own place, a loose but dedicated 3d printer area would be great :)

We need decend Table space, enough Power (300-500watt per printer).

Please put us in a busy area, with a lot people passing by, somewhere central would be good. A lot of neighbours would be nice also, to watch out for the stuff of each other. maybe to create a ring of tables for the printers to point outside, and inside the circle for the operators to sit.

I am not really concerned since i never heard anything got stolen at a ccc event, but maybe bike locks or other forms of security might be needed, so i try to organise some...

3D Printer Farm & Hometown.

A place to present, fix and park your 3D printer.

Meet and hang out with other 3d printer owners and 3d printing friends. Inform yourself about 3D printing.

Also a 3d scanning area is under construction.

Setup so far:

3D Printers:

-Mendel Max




-Ultimaker (2x)


-Microsoft Kinekt

-Table Scanner


2 x Screens

4 x Laptop


Box of Filament