Add your message here if you're interested in meeting and talking about Tor on Raspberry Pi!
(Call 5789 on the congress network.)

- I would be interested. I am a relay on a pi for about 4 month now, but never really thought about optimization etc. (mnzl)
- Awesome, I definitely have a free time slot on Sunday from 15:00 to 16:00, or could possibly skip some other talk. I'd suggest calling me at the extension above. If you don't have a congress phone, there is a phone on the ground floor next to the T-Shirt/cash desks, I think. Possibly elsewhere too.
-Since wiki was down I did not notice the message... I am going to Hall 14 in 10minutes to get a slot at hotel door opening. Do you have any other free timeslots? Where are you located?
- I'm moving around a lot. Try to call me at 5789 from some of the congress phones (i.e. ground floor, left of cash desk). Today I have another break at 19:30, the rest of the talks I'd really like to attend. Or we meet tomorrow.

Also: someone from DFRI (at NoisySquare) has experience with Raspberry Pi relays, but I wasn't able to catch him yet.