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25 Years Attacks on Smartcards +For Beginners: Chip preparation for beginnners - how to remove a silicon chip from an RFID label under the microscope. For Experts: Discussion round about new attack scenarios against smart cards and security controllers.


3d printer +3d printing of the congress logo or a small giveaway. Maybe try to do a 3d body scan? Maybe create a community object . a rocket sculpture, done by visitors of the C3. We provide a start and a template for rings in the office, and people can complete them and alter them with Blender, Wings, Silo, Sculptris or ZBrush. Rings will be printed and added to a growing rocket scuplture.


Amnesty International +Ways to get involved in the work of Digital@Amnesty.
Aussenstelle511 +Discussion session " Alltagstaugliche Steganografie - geht das?" might need about 5 extra seats.
Awesome Retro +Unlimited retrogaming


BioHacking +hPDB hacking session BioPython session BioRuby session
BlinkenArea +SMD and through-hole soldering sessions/workshops


C-base +Screening of Ingress-Doku. This can take place somewhere else, where we have a projector & screen
C3S +We#re thinking about a small hackathon to boost some of our software stuff. Also, some students of the hmtm Hannover are planning to present results of a seminar on the C3S project, would be great to have an area or even suitable room for that!
CCCFr +DMX with Arduino (Marcus, depends on some SMD bugfixing being finished) LANC with Arduino (Marcus) CNC machining - differences to 3d printing (Marcus)
CCT +We are planning to allow people to come by and talk to us about different kind of topics. Right now we are planning to prepare material for the following topics: Scientific programming with Matlab and Python and SMD soldering (More to come, as soon as I set up the assembly, other member will add to this.) This means, we do not need more than a few tables to sit and some power outlets.
CivicSummit +I'd like to talk about the project for about an hour, then I'd like to talk with the people present, and if they are interested and if they'd like to join possibly start working on it.
Coffeenerds +We plan: * Hot air coffee roasting * Cupping of different beans * Cupping of different extraction methods * Coffee Bean Exchange
Cryptoparty +Cryptoparty, Cryptoparty Best Practices


DIY Audio +we can do some on-demand sessions (preferably in small groups) like: * how to create audio effects - theory and practice * how to generate sound waves with an Arduino
Das Gängeviertel +Vernissage on Saturday from 6pm - 9pm. Green Fields on Tour
Debian +tba
DeforaOS +ad-hoc
Deko +* Changing Lights throughout the building
Digital Cooking +Depending on the interst of the visitors we'll do cooking, software and hardware hacking. Probably we'll mostly cook.
Doubleoctothorpbuero +Not too sure, nothing finally planned. Maybe we build some avr programmers (usbasp), depending on our time to prepare. We bring some interesting teas.


Example Assembly +Nothing special like * hanging around * doing notbhing * just be lazy * and give a shit Maybe some more...


FIfF +Three session annonced asap
Flipdot hackerspace Kassel +Member typ.o will be available for Q&A concerning electronics like uC peripherials, power supply, opamp stuff and more.
Food Hacking Base +Workshops focused on food, beverage and bio hacking. Examples are brewing kombucha, making kefir, Korean kimchi, building your own incubator, cheese tasting event etc. For the hands on workshops at our assembly between 15-20 can attend per event.
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