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'; DROP TABLE assemblies; +We have no need for many people seeing our assembly. A rather quiet, but not too far of place would be perfect.


/dev/lol +We want to be near the other Austrian Assemblies like Chaostreff Salzburg.
/dev/tal +Neighbourhood: Chaosdorf, Das Labor, Chaospott, CTDO, C4


3d printer +Something like the drone movement has its own place, a loose but dedicated 3d printer area would be great :) We need decend Table space, enough Power (300-500watt per printer). Please put us in a busy area, with a lot people passing by, somewhere central would be good. A lot of neighbours would be nice also, to watch out for the stuff of each other. maybe to create a ring of tables for the printers to point outside, and inside the circle for the operators to sit. If possible get us somehow close to the Entropolis Assembly: I am not really concerned since i never heard anything got stolen at a ccc event, but maybe bike locks or other forms of security might be needed, so i try to organise some...


A2600 +It would be grate if our table would be near to the one of the guys form "Das Labor"
AK Vorrat +Not too dark area, people should be able to read stuff on paper
Amnesty International +FIfF is willing to share their space with us, so we will probably not need any extra space (unless the Fahrplan schedules our respective talks at the same time, as we would both like to have self-organised sessions following these talks). For now, I just wanted to register our assembly here for it to make it on the assemblies list in the wiki and become visible to the public.
Aussenstelle511 +We want to be placed directly beside milliways as many of our members will also join milliways.
Awesome Retro +We bring tv's, projectors and retrogaming hardware. These should be placed upon tables. We think about 6 folding-tables is fine. (2 consoles/tv's per table)


Backspace +near hackzogtum
Binary Kitchen +We'd love to get a place somewhere next to the "Compass"-Assemply, because there are overlapping memberships.
BlinkenArea +Please give us an extra (rectangular) table for showcasing our small projects. It might be helpful if this table could be placed against a pillar or wall. It should be accessible for everyone wanting to look at (and touch) the projects, and also close to our other tables.


C-base +power 2 x 16 A min.
C3MA and CCCFFM +The Lightwall needs 1x 16A three phase CEE. - Benötigen Tische und Plätze für ca. 40 Personen - Anreise und Aufbau 26.Dezember - Abbau 30.Dezember Abends - Rückfahrt 31.Dezember - Anreise mit 7,5t - Materialtransport für RZL, CCCFFM, C3MA, Chaos inKL., Entropia, Chaoswelle
C3PB & Chaos inKL. +If possible close to C3MA.
C3S +We love people coming by and chat :-)
CCCAC +We'd like to show the scoreboard of the CTF on a beamer (best placed next to a wall). In the unlikely case Stratum0 happens to be placed in the hackcenter as well, being near to them would be nice (though unlikely). total minimum number of seats: 17
CCCHH +We offer a travel agency. So we need an office with a front, which acts as information desk and meeting point for the tours. In the back of that space we just want a small area to hang out. 2-3 tables for the front would be nice.
CCCS +We'd like to be with our friends of Shackspace
CCT +We have no special needs, but a not too busy area would be nice. When in doubt, where to put us, we would be more than happy to sit close to someone from our region/state.
CONFidence +Basically we need 5-6 tables +10 chairs for starters. Also since the t-shirt printing devices use a moderate power (5 laptops 300W, T-shirt printer 400W, T-shirt press 1750W, T-shirt sprayer 300W == 4000W) we might need a place with that power available. We might also bring one catalyst switch. If possible a visible location would be good as we want to gather some polish folks and other people connected with the CONFidence team in one spot.
Chaosdorf +Rectangular tables highly preferred over round ones! Much better for presenting stuff. They also tile better and bring people closer together
Chaospott +We'd like to be with our friends of CCCAC and CCCMZ :-)
Chaoswelle +Like last year we would like to reserve the same space in the Foyer of Saal 1 and with entrance to the balcony and roof. It is ideal for cable routing to the the antennas on the balcony and roof without opening a door or blocking escape routes.
Coffeenerds +wir haetten gern drehstrom, 3 phasen, 1mal (16A stecker) - verbraucher ist eine kaffeemaschine mit 3600W
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