This is a test - we want to see wether we can add subtitles i.e. transcripts to our talks.

I'll start with a list of talks from the first day and make checkboxes wether they are already subtitled and - if possible -wether the subtitle is in different languages.


The most easy-to-use way to create subtitles is probably Amara / Universal Subtitles. If you prefer a stand-alone application, Aegisub takes a bit of getting used to, but will do the job.


Universal Subtitles seems to be good for this idea. You give them an URL where to find the talk. Then you get a flash-based studio where you type the text while the speaker talks. In round two you place the sentences in the right timing under the talk and in the last step you correct the words if you misspelled them. You get an .srt-File as output. I started there. I also put my .srt-Files into github if anyone wants to use them.

You are welcome to join and help ;)

Rince, 2012/01/04


If for some reason you prefer to use a standalone application over a browser application, you can use Aegisub. People seem to use it for heavy-duty Anime subbing, but it also fits our requirements. A nice plus is that you usually (with a bit of practice) already get quite usable timings during the first transcription phase. Aegisub uses its own format (.ass, interestingly), but exports to srt.

  • Setting up: Load the video file (Video/Open Video) and also the corresponding audio (Audio/Open audio from video). The German language talks have two audio tracks (one for the simultaneous translation), so pick the one with the pure German audio. (Test if unsure.)
  • Transcribing: Place your keyboard cursor in the subtitle text box to the right. The following hotkeys are relevant:
    • Ctrl+P plays the video from the current position
    • Ctrl+3 sets the subtitle start time to the current video time; Ctrl+4 sets the subtitle end time. Important: The times are only saved when you press enter!
    • Ctrl+1 sets the video to the start of the current subtitle time (useful for re-listening to a line)
    • Enter saves the current line and creates a new line whose start time directly follows the last line’s end time
  • Timing: Apart from the ways detailed above, you can also draw and drag the (red and blue) boundaries of the current subtitle line in the audio view. Don’t forget to hit G to save the updated times!
    • For post processing, you may also use Timing/Timing Post Processor (which is helpful if you have some closely overlapping or nearly continuous subtitles).
  • Translation: There is a fairly self-explanatory translation assistant (Subtitle/Translation Assistant) which you can use if you have a timed subtitle which you want to translate.

Conventions for marking subtitle progress

I propose the following convention:

  • Finished - If you have completed the full subtitle to your personal satisfaction. (please include a link)
  • wip / Work in Progress - if you're actively working on something, or if you are planning on finishing it later any time soon.
  • needs XYZ - these could map to amara's stages: Transcript / Syncing / Reviewing. For example, you're telling the world that you finished transcription, but someone else could now take over syncing. So this talk would be marked "needs syncing"
  • transcript XX% and/or syncing XX% - If you do not work on this item anymore, someone else can pick up where you left off. Please leave a link to amara / github / something else as well.
  • Other things, as you see fit. As long as people grasp where you left off, or if you're still working on it, it should be fine.

Claudius, 2012/01/06

You can put a link to the .srt file to an external hoster or Special:Upload it here. For files within the Wiki put a colon before the link e.g. [[:File:fooname.srt|bar description]].

Talks Day 1

Talkname Subtitles in English Subtitles in German
Opening Event
by bios
Finished by Rince
Not my department
by Jacob Appelbaum
Transcript: 50%, Sync: 50% amara
Die Wahrheit, was wirklich passierte und was in der Zeitung stand
by Kai Biermann, maha
Siechtum und Sterben der ärztlichen Schweigepflicht
by Kay Hamacher
Needs Review, public pad created https://etherpad.mozilla.org/ep/pad/view/PPnv8gmNc8/latest
ISP's black box
by Luka Perkov
Zur Lage der Information
by Stefan Wehrmeier
Work in Progress by coco
Our daily job: hacking the law
by Ot van Daalen Rejo Zenger
Cyberpeace statt Cyberwar
by Sylvia Johnigk
Die Antiterrordatei
by Constanze Kurz, Frank Rieger
[trans: 100%, sync: 100%, needs review
Setting mobile phones free
by Mark van Cuijk
Work in Progress by Jali amara
What accessibility has to do with security
by Anna Shubina
The Grand EU Data Protection Reform
by Jan Philipp Albrecht Katarzyna Szymielewicz Kirsten Fiedler
Re-Igniting the Crypto Wars on the Web
by Harry Halpin
Netzaktivisten! Ist das alles was wir draufhaben?
by Linus Neumann Markus Beckedahl Ulf Buermeyer
Hinter den Kulissen: der NSU und das V-Leute-System
by Heike Kleffner Katharina König
Privacy and the Car of the Future
by Christie Dudley
INDECT, Verhaltenserkennung & Co
by Ben
Enemies of the State: What Happens When Telling the Truth about Secret US Government Power Becomes a Crime
by Jesselyn Radack Thomas Drake William Binney
Defend your Freedoms online: It's political, stupid!
by Jérémie Zimmermann
White IT, Clean IT & CEO Coalition
by Christian Bahls
The Ethics of Activist DDOS Actions
by Molly Sauter
Finished by mw (srt)
New Human Interfaces for Music
by Moldover
Hacking Cisco Phones
by Ang Cui Michael Costello
working on it(p90)(20% ruff trasscript)
Time is NOT on your side
by Sebastian Schinzel
SCADA Strangelove
by Denis Baranov Gleb Gritsai Sergey Gordeychik
in progress (inj4n)
Nougatbytes 10
by Ben, Rainer
by Blanche Carsten Ripke Jöran Muuß-Merholz

Talks Day 2

Talkname Subtitles in English Subtitles in German
Der Mord fällt aus
by Christoph Scheid, m.eik, Meinhard Starostik
needs review
by djb, Nadia Heninger, Tanja Lange
finished by mw (srt)

Talks Day 3

Talkname Subtitles in English Subtitles in German
Sind faire Computer möglich?
by Sebastian Jekutsch
work in progress (baumumarmer) Finished (baumumarmer)

Talks Day 4

Talkname Subtitles in English Subtitles in German
Some Title
by Some Speaker
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