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freifunk, wireless, embedded linux, openwrt, luci, freenetworks,layer8and9

The wireless space is the gathering space for people doing things related to wireless technologie, meshnetworks, embedded linux, but also open hardware, inter communty networking, development aid for 3rd world countries, etc. Putting together these different thing make the wireless space an incubator of new ideas, concepts and technologies, changing and shaping the movement for the rest of the year.


You can find the Wireless Corner again at the Hack Center on Floor A, please see Floorplans.

IRC: please join #freifunk@IRCnet (see



Please put a name in here, so everybody knows who to expect. put a project and even better an url beside your name.

See also OpenWrt.


What? Who? When? Remarks
Newsserver Mathias - Exchange of experiences (Rights management, LDAP, Peering...)
6Mesh alx - See Niit and MeshTestbed.
mDNS+OLSR  ? -  ?
OLSR v4/v6 Henning R. - Dual Socket OLSR Devel Branch

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