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Hi! I'm Sai Emrys.


  • AIM, Skype, IRC saizai

I'm presenting:

I'm also into lots of other stuff - see my livejournal profile and my about me page. E.g.:

  • cognitive neuroscience of empathy
  • P2P botnets & related tech
  • Ruby & Rails
  • social games for non-idiots (hopefully deploying a beta of something cool soon; email me if you want an invite)
  • massage
  • languages (I can converse in English, Russian, American Sign Language, French, & Spanish, and barely get by in Japanese... Ich spreche kein Deutsch, though. :-/)
  • sign language music (I've made some)
  • meditation (see my Toorcamp slides and 2600 article)
  • sewing random stuff
  • ... lots of stuff, really.

Come talk to me. :)

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