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OnionCat is a VPN service based on Tor and/or I2P. Thus it creates bi-directional anonymity in respect to technical location specifiers, like IP addresses. It is completely protocol transparent which means that it carries IP packets directly.

Last year we did a presentation about this project at the 25C3.

We are again going to be present at this year's congress. We'd like to...

  • talk together with you about our ideas.
  • give you support in installing and using OnionCat.
  • help you setting up services for other users.


What OnionCat is good for

With OC you can create IP connections through Tor or I2P to other OC users and send any IP data across that virtual connections that you you can do with the regular Internet. Every end point of those virtual connections are identified by an IPv6 address. This address is unique to one end point which means they are unique to a specific node (user, computer, host, server,...). But they are location independent and untraceable due to the nature of these anonymization networks.


  • We arrived today...yeah! After waiting about 2 hours in the queue at the cash desk we got our entrance tickets (the longest queue ever seen at this convention...). See ya tomorrow in the hack center down under ;) Rahra 23:03, 26 December 2009 (CET)
  • Did a short introductory lightning talk about Garlicat. Slides are found here. Rahra 14:15, 30 December 2009 (CET)

Further Information

If you are interested come to our desk. Have a lookout for a cat's paw which is our logo. Contact me (Rahra) or have a look at the OnionCat Project Page.

As usual, many people from other projects will also be there, but specifically devs from I2P (see I2P) and Tor will also be here.

Who is there?


We got a desk somewhere in the middle of the hack center together with the I2P guys. We stick a hand-crafted sign saying "OnionCat" to a pole of the building.

...we are not sitting there anymore *g*

Contact me using personal email or our mailing list ocat-talk(-subscribe), if it is a general question.

Testable GarliCat Destinations

IPv6 address:


Truncated hostname:


I2P destination:


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