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Cache Games

A Lightning Talk on sniffing AES encryptions via the CPU cache. Feel free to use the Talk page for discussion or contact me during the congress if you want to see a demo.



AES implementations use look-up tables in shared memory. Shared memory leaks information about the location of recent memory accesses through the CPU cache. I will present an attack that maximizes the amount of leaking information by provoking pathological task scheduler behaviour. With this it is possible to collect enough information in a short time for the offline part of the attack, which reconstructs the key and most of the plaintext another process used for AES encryption.

Crypto Challenge

Demonstrate that you have too many brain cells by finding the plaintext from a snippet of observed AES128 memory accesses and win a bottle Salmiakki. Contact me until 2009-12-30 15:00 CET with the solution :)


File:Cachegames slides.pdf

Additional Info

The challenge is over. Nothing to see here, please move along.

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