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[edit] what

  • a gathering of the OLPC community - "it's an education project!" (not a laptop project...)
  • really just a 1h "event" on the first day, so that we can exchange ideas and stati quo
  • then, we can "use" the rest of the congress for further fun!

[edit] when

  • on the 27th, 15:00

[edit] where

  • meet up at Debian booth (somewhere on 1st floor) - we'll leave message where we go, if we don't stay there

[edit] who


  • h01ger
  • christine
  • bertf + ritaf + paulf
  • malc + pinguincafe orchestra
  • pretec


  • dogi


  • wdb (?), he expressed interest


  • ChristophD
  • AaronK
  • HorstJ


  • nico
  • phil
  • florian

Please add your name here...!

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