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Yes, we are the Italian embassy and also the Italian village. We say that only because we're IT hackers interested in building relationships with other hacker cultures throughout the world.

                    _.u[[/;:,.         .odMMMMMM'                              
                 .o888UU[[[/;:-.  .o@P^    MMM^                                
                oN88888UU[[[/;::-.        dP^                                  
               dNMMNN888UU[[[/;:--.   .o@P^                                    
              ,MMMMMMN888UU[[/;::-. o@^                                        
             oI8888UU[[[/o@P^:--..     ITALIAN EMBASSY  (micro delegation)     
          .@^  YUU[[[/o@^;::---..      25C3 - December 27-30 2008 - Berlin     
        oMP     ^/o@P^;:::---..                                                
     .dMMM    .o@^ ^;::---...                                                  
    dMMMMMMM@^`       `^^^^                                                    


[edit] What is the Italian Embassy

The Italian Embassy is the safe haven for the italian hacker visiting CCC, and also the place to be for everyone else to chill out and have a talk with your italian colleagues.

[edit] Will you be offering any official consulate services?

Absolutely yes. We will dispatch for free: passports, identity cards, driver licenses, birth and death notices, medical recipes and medicines prescriptions, radiography tickets for the major hospitals, wills, income declarations, etc. For any other service please refer to the Italian Embassy in Berlin.

[edit] Who is who? Is who who? Who who is? (Citizens)

  1. ascii
  2. Sabry
  3. Alessio L.R. Pennasilico aka mayhem
  4. Elisa Bortolani
  5. Jeky_99
  6. Chiara
  7. LordScinawa
    1. e' ormai piu che sicuro che questo ccc potremmo godere della presenza di "4 cani in croce"
      1. scinawa cazzone ti stai lamentando? (ascii)
  8. ciccas sdrina la sdrena
  9. vrde
  10. vjt
  11. skodde - already here (there?), offro un divanoletto
  12. dido with his bottle of Grappa (potevo mancare?)

[edit] Who is sending an official delegation to the Italian Embassy?

  1. Nick Farr, Foreign Minister of, Italian Coffee Addict.
    1. We will be glad to offer you the best Italian Coffee!!

[edit] Who wishes, but cannot

  1. Antani Tapioco
  2. Nuke vi augura buona vacanza a tutti!
  3. Fabrizio T. Sarà per il prossimo anno... :-( Buon divertimento!
  4. Ubi ha purtroppo scoperto di avere un lavoro il 30 :-( Buon divertimento a chi sarà presesente

[edit] Travel from Italy

[edit] By Plane

[edit] By Train

Treni relativamente comodi (1 cambio) da Milano e Verona con possibilità di cuccette e vagoni letto sui treni notturni.

Orari, prezzi e prenotazioni: - email info(at)

Esempi itinerario:

ANDATA Milano-Berlino 25/12/2008
Part. Milano C.le 21.10 CNL 400
Arr.  Francoforte 05.45
Part. Francoforte 07.13 ICE 874
Arr.  Berlino HBF 11.25

RITORNO Berlino-Milano 01/01/2009
Part. Berlino HBF 18.05 ICE 1093
Arr.  Francoforte 21.42
Part. Francoforte 22.49 CNL 40421
Arr.  Milano C.le 07.50
ANDATA Verona-Berlino 25/12/2008
Part. Verona P.N. 14.59 IC 86
Arr.  Monaco OST  20.14
Part. Monaco OST  22.30 CNL 1200
Arr.  Berlino HBF 07.41

RITORNO Berlino-Verona 01/01/2009
Part. Berlino HBF 22.12 CNL 1201
Arr.  Monaco OST  07.05
Part. Monaco OST  09.40 IC 85
Arr.  Verona P.N. 14.57

[edit] Dormire

[edit] Photo gallery

This is the web photo gallery for the Italian Embassy, follow the links.

Image:Ite1.jpg Image:Ite2.jpg Image:Ite3.jpg Image:Ite4.jpg Image:Ite5.jpg Image:Ite6.jpg Image:Ite7.jpg Image:Ite8.jpg

[edit] Forward-Looking Statements

This page contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. These forward- looking statements relate to, among other things, the expected performance of our services and products, possible guarantee payment eligibility, and other expectations, intentions and plans contained in this page that are not historical fact. When used in this page, the words "plan," "expect," "believe," and similar expressions generally identify forward-looking statements. These statements reflect our current expectations. They are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, including, but not limited to, changes in technology and general market conditions. In light of the many risks and uncertainties you should understand that we cannot assure you that the forward-looking statements contained in this wiki page will be realized.

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