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am 27.12.2008 geht's wieder los.


[edit] NPD stuff on the subpage

Just to add npd stuff .. we are currently investigating the NPD server "". You can find more infos here.

[edit] zombie resurrection hacks

[edit] Foodhacks

  • Burger-King Voucher-Generator is offline for now.
  • Asia food (the 2nd one, the green signs) at the station gives 50c discount if you show your congress badge. good food there, I recommend #24b

[edit] Misc

[edit] LFI/RFI

[edit] SQL-Injection

[edit] XSS

(search is also VERY easy to XSS)

<img src=''>

[edit] Wallhacks

We proudly present the new real life category of hacking.


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