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Console Hacking

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[edit] Introduction

Just like last year, a bunch of console hackers are getting together at 25C3. We hope to have some table space at the Hackcenter to set up our consoles, show off our hacks, and teach people about them!

The topic extends to many aspects of video game consoles, both software and hardware. This includes breaking the security, using homebrew software, modifying their existing software, hardware modifications and improvements, using custom hardware peripherals with consoles, using console peripherals with custom hardware, and anything else that's related to video game consoles. A lot of what goes on behind the scenes only happens once or twice, so here's your chance to learn what it really means to hack a game console, hands-on.

This year's talk goes to the Wii, but of course several other consoles will be present in the general area at the Hackcenter.

If you always wanted to learn how the wii's security got broken open and exposed using a pair of tweezers, or how to reverse engineer the Wii Remote's extension encryption and make your own, you might want to stop by :)

[Guys, add stuff about other consoles, kthx]

We're hoping to get table space for at least 12 people, plus some working space for consoles and other gear.

[edit] Hardware

Stuff that's going to be there:

  • Wiis and remotes, probably some disassembled
  • Xbox360s? Sure, we bring some.
  • DSi + Various DS flashcarts + other useful peripheals. (anyone bringing a pair of tweezers and a tri-wing screwdriver? *g*)
  • Soldering equipment, a scope, multimeters, an FPGA board or two, lamps, different lengths of wire, multi-standard TVs for your hardware hacking needs, power supplies, microcontrollers and related stuff, ...
  • SaveMiis :-)
  • Borked hardware for show / messing around
  • Segher
  • Little sideprojects that we'll be hacking right there and then.

[edit] Infrastructure stuff

  • 8-port 10/100/1000 switch (Marcan)
  • 5-port 10/100 switch (maybe) or 2x 4-port switches (unsure/maybe) (Marcan)
  • RJ-45 Jacks and crimp tool (Marcan)
  • 1 or 2 Schuko power strips (Marcan)
  • USA power strip with Schuko plug (230V only!) (Marcan)
  • Laptop for presentation + AC adapter + VGA cable (Marcan)
  • 17" TFT screen + 480p YCbCr transcoder (Marcan)
  • 2 or 3 Ethernet cables (Marcan)

[edit] People who will be there

[edit] Contact / Reservation

Mail [1] regarding the reservation, or anything else related to CCC.

We would like to reserve 12 seats and table space for 16 people or so (to provide some extra space for gear). Please contact the above e-mail address if you can provide us with more information regarding availability and sizing so that we can figure out more precisely what we need.

We'll need a LAN connection at the table space. We can probably bring switches if needed. TODO: If you're bringing a switch ADD IT ABOVE.

You'll probably find us on related channels on EFNet. Good places: #wiidev, #hackmii, #dsidev, ...

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