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a.k.a chip273 therefore DECT 2730

DECT  : 2730

Mobile : + 49 - 163 - 641 27 32

email  :

PS: I have nothing to do with the guy on dev/radio from the CCC ulm.

Angel tasks I did at the 23C3:

  • Coloring the Hackcenter lights in Orange & Blue.(Was it Orange and Blue? Can't Remember...)
Was annoying to do that beeing only 2 People. But helpers did arrive every now and then.
  • Shifting around Tables and Chairs in the Hackcenter.
Wait for the final decisions. Shifting them around too often, well not nice.
  • Putting up (and Ductaping) Switches and sockets in the Hackcenter and Lecture Halls.
Only Patched them, SW-Updates were made by someone else. Would be easier if the Ethernet Cables were sorted better(according length). Also it was hard to find longer cables, sometimes you had to crimp them your own.
  • Recording Lectures on Video, lifecutting in Saal 1. (VideoEngel)
Fun depends on Talk Guest, some are boring. Don't do anything(I guess they were not supposed to walk around to make it easier to follow them, but it just made it boring). Others were fun, ran around all the time. Keep an Eye on your next Shift, when they do not arrive you should do the next shift also.
  • Recording Lectures in Audio (AudioEngel)
Holding the mike for people that want to ask Questions & Adjusting volumes on the mixer. It is as it sounds, boring. Although asking the Lecturer your own Question confuses them, that's funny to watch;) Got better with the beginning of the Heralds on the second day. So there were 2 people carrying around mikes. So you did not have to run around anymore for the questions.
  • >6 hrs Nightshifts in the Cloakroom.
Pretty Chilly, no one wants Coats during the night. But too long. One time I had to do the Cloakroom and the Exit at the same Time(where were the people signed in actually on that shift?). Also here: Keep an eye on your next Shift Angel, since you mustn't leave before they arrive, get their mobile number or stuff. During Daytime you have more Coats to give out. Especially before the bigger breaks, it get's crowded.

Generally it would have been easier if all the Angels did the same amount of work. Load Balancing did not go too well. Also : If you sign up for a shift then really BE there(BTW: 2 mins. earlier wouldn't hurt), or simply do not sign up at all.(So the Shift coordinator know the empty shift and can react earlier.)

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