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deutschsprachige version

here we are again.

located in the main hall, we are the ones with all the lego flying around. (we also used to have a big c-base banner behind us, but gaffer tape let us down...)


lego sumo contest

now again - after pausing for the last 3(?) years: our famous contest.

people can join up in teams (or alone) to take part in the lego sumo contest. the goal is to push the other bot from the table (just like sumo. well allmost).

new teams welcome - just ask at our place and form a team. and yes, it is possible even if you start saturday.

by the way: even if almost all teams are using some alternative to the original lego software to program their bots, we're still looking for a lego cd to install the lego mindstorms programming system. we don't know if we can find some, so it would if someone could drop one at our table (if you got one. you will even get it back).

construct a bot

  • build a lego robot using:
    • one RCX (sorry, but the new NXT is just too ugly and not-lego-like. despite we only got one and plenty of the RCX..)
    • up to five motors
    • as many other lego as you like (i.e. there is)
    • maximum weight: not more than the book "building robots with the lego mindstorms" (the big one laying on one of our tables)
  • and program it to:
    • stay inside the arena, that is: on the table
    • push the other bot(s) of the table

the table's edges will be marked with black tape (light sensors and all).

the contest: sunday, 3 p.m.

the contest should go something like this:

  • league game (each bot against every other)
  • after that: best two go to the finale
  • and after that: all-bots-one-table-death-match

it will take place on sunday (30/12/07) at 3 p.m. (some people have to catch a train).

the contestants

so far we got (now almost all teams and/or their bots actually got a name).

  • death by lasers: they first build a huge and quite complex robot, but then considere it to complex to program. so they went for another design and another tactic... at the moment of this writing their still testing their ideas, they're using LeJos)
  • robot (wow , what a name): compact four-wheelie, programmed with NQC
  • steam turtle: the youngest team. i think they're trying to fool the others with a ramp...
  • puck: one bot with lots of antennas (btw: puck is the name of the bot, not the team)
  • lots of compact gear with an RCX on top. using NQC, too.
  • dumbo 2.0: uses a very simple and stupid program in NQC.

also there was:

  • opfer (german for: victim): has a robot, but no program up to now. opfer is still not sure wether to take part in the contest

please feel free to correct if i got somethin' wrong.

maybe tomorow we will put up some pictures of the bots... (or maybe somebody else?)

other fun stuff


(please add stuff)

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