Who can you trust? (Motto)

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The theme of the congress Who can you trust? is to foster a broad discussion about the problems and necessities of trust on all technical and social levels. After the downfall of privacy a responsible treatment of confident information is called for, but not everybody is prepared and able to do so.

Technology is about to replace a trust model built on social contact and norms and contributes to a deterioration: electronic voting causes problems where there had been none. And all that in order to strengthen "markets" that nobody needs. The Congress stands up against the counterproductive usage of technology where traditional models have worked successfully.

Moreover, the Congress will illustrate the mechanisms of our society that are based on trust: the monetary system, economy, social consensus, norms and laws. The topic of "trust" is more important than ever and it is high time to question current trends dramatically. The core question is: Who can you trust?.

And for our fellow german readers: Who oder Whom?

Der Hinweis, es müsse ja eigentlich Whom can you trust heißen, ist zwar aus der Sicht der englischen Schulgrammatik richtig, allerdings ist Who can you trust im amerikanischen Sprachraum und somit auch international gängig, während Whom can you trust etwas pedantisch wirkt. Daher haben wir uns für die populärere Form entschieden.