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deutschsprachige version (please keep up to date. or tell the mechatronics to do so ;)

we got lego duplo railway as well as the new programable lego brick Nxt.


lego duplo railway

come and build. the 23c3 logo is broken - any volunteers?

lego Nxt

we're taking first looks at the (just achieved) new programable lego brick Nxt.

everything's a little different eh better:

  • 4 sensor inputs (instead of 3)
  • still only 3 motor outputs
  • the motors got builtin rotation sensors
  • communication via bluetooth or per cable (usb). no more infrared tower.

looks pretty robust. i still have to get use to the form of the motors though.

what else:

  • the firmware of the Nxt seems to be open source ([1], [2])

no knobs

take another look we noticed - it's no more lego anymore.

the Nxt brick itself has no knobs, assembly bricks don't have knobs either... (all in all there might be something like 6 parts with knobs in the whole set).

so you can't just put a lego character on your bot. You're brokenhearted, aren't you?


btw: lego thinks of all its robots as male. whether alpha rex (humanoid), spike (animal robot) or tribot (fahrzeugroboter) handelt, it's alwasy he... (at least on the german box).

we're planning to make a patch to fix this (stickers "she", "it" or "she/he/it").


... with the original software just with windoze xp (service pack 2 ;) and mac os 10.3.9 / 10.4.

alternative stuff:

we're playing around with nxc. looks pretty much ike nqc. still beta.

more stuff:

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