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The Hackcenter is the electronic area of the Congress. Everyone can sit down here and connect his computer or laptop wired or wireless to the congress network to have Spass am Gerät. It is located in the basement of the bcc. There will be no Hackcenter registration this year. We think in the age of mobile computing it is not necessary to reserve space to sit behind a computer.

The regional groups of the Chaoscomputer Club will present themself in the Hackcenter. Get to know CCC members that live in the same city or region as you. Perhaps you want meet them again at home or even join them.

Furthermore there are some tables reserved for the following groups:

Some notes

 The Congress is NOT a LAN party. 
 We won't provide space for gamers and there will be no exceptions to the rule. 
 The same goes for warez traders. 
 We mean it.
 Please accept that it is NOT allowed to maintain your own WaveLAN base station at the Congress. 
 The Hackcenter is no place to store your luggage. Please use the cloak room. 
 The Hackcenter in no place to camp during the congress. 
 Please sleep at the gym. You can even take a shower there.