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22nd Chaos Communication Congress
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Meike Richter

Meike Richter has a background in cultural sciences, she considers the internet as her second home

Meike Richter has a background in cultural sciences with emphasis on information engineering. She considers the internet as her second home. She focuses on how digital technologies influence everyday life, especially how classic forms of power transform themselves under the impact of new information technologies. In 2001/2002, she spent some time in Latin America, teaching HTML in Nicaragua and working in a Chilean Internet editorial. In 2004/2005, she was one of the organizers of the „download culture?“ lectures in Lüneburg (Germany), which focused on property in digital data spaces, including speakers such as Volker Grassmuck, Markus Beckedahl and Jeanette Hofmann. She is currently writing her masters thesis about „Free/Open Source Software and the Digital Divide“. The Open Source Yearbook 2006 will publish an article from her dealing with this issue. Meike works as a freelance journalist for NDR Online.


meike at fair-code dot net

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