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22nd Chaos Communication Congress
Private Investigations

Victor Eliashberg

A system engineer with a broad hands-on experience in the design and implementation of different types of digital, analog, and mixed-signal systems (hardware and software)

Victor Eliashberg is a consulting professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University and the president of Avel Electronics -- a private consulting company in Palo Alto. He has MS in EE from the S. Peterburg (former Leningrad) Electrical Engineering Institute and Ph.D. from the S. Peterburg Technological institute. His background includes control theory, electronics, chemical engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics, neuroscience, and psychology. (See resume at brain0.com ) .He’s been interested in the problem of a brain-like universal learning computer since the late sixties, and, as a system engineer, is particularly concerned with the problem of system integration. He believes that it is impossible to develop correct models for the “parts” of the brain and/or the “parts” of the brain’s performance without understanding the basic principles of organization and functioning of the “whole” brain as a complex integrated computing system.


victor at brain0 dot com

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