22C3 - 2.2

22nd Chaos Communication Congress
Private Investigations

Hopalong Casualty

Ingo Lütkebohle

PhD student in computational perception and cognitive systems.

Ingo Lütkebohle stumbled into a talk on "Social Engineering" by dutch hacker The Dude in 1996 and was intrigued by how easy human communication can be tricked over the phone. Despite this early infatuation with the the dutch hacker scene (and a continuing one with social psychology), he stuck around in Bielefeld and got involved with the FoeBuD e.V., where he was subsequently exposed to frequent rants on the evils of video surveillance.

Several years as a network engineer and a degree in computer science and speech understanding later, he is pursuing a PhD in computational perception. One of his research interests is the enormous amount of human communication that is non-verbal and accessible to visual analysis.

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