22C3 - 2.2

22nd Chaos Communication Congress
Private Investigations

Major Malfunction
Tag 2
Raum Saal 1
Beginn 19:00
Dauer 01:00
ID 535
Veranstaltungstyp Vortrag
Track Hacking
Sprache englisch

Old Skewl Hacking - InfraRed updated

MMIrDA - Major Malfunction's InfraRed Discovery Application

An updated look at InfraRed hacking, and the state of the art in owning hotel TV systems.

Infra Red is all around us. Most of us will use an Infra Red controller on more or less a daily basis, to change the TV channel, or open a car or garage door, but how often have you thought about how it actually works? This talk will describe not only how to analyse the signals being sent by your remote, but also how to use that information to find hidden commands and reveal functions you didn't even know your systems had. You will learn how to brute force garage doors, car doors, hotel pay-per-view TV systems, take over LED signs, vending machines and even control alarm systems, using cheap or home made devices and free software...

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