21C3 Schedule Release 1.1.7

21st Chaos Communication Congress
Speakers and moderators

Josef Spillner

  • born 08.05.1980 in Dresden/Germany
  • went to school until 1999 at Humboldt-Gymnasium Radeberg
  • have been studying CS/CE since 2000 at Dresden University of Technology
  • including a 7-month stay in Brazil (as part of the UNIBRAL project)
  • developed freeware/public domain software from 1993 to 1999, and some diskmags/netmags (Chaos Radio scripts in 1998 ;-)
  • since 1999 Free Software development, started with MindX (e.g. Nautix 3D RTS game)
  • current main projects are GGZ Gaming Zone, KDE, KStuff and Cool Projects
  • further interests are micro-kernel systems (L4 family) as well as advocacy of a free life culture (including software, radio/media, games, ...)
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