21C3 Schedule Release 1.1.7

21st Chaos Communication Congress
Speakers and moderators


Zelabo will make the audience dive into their interpretation of the music through an emotional, visual construction. Their style is a mix of analog and digital images, filmed images and graphical abstractions with a definite experiment in colors and lights.

Zelabo holds with the principle of random to keep the idea that every live performance is unique. Zelabo also takes part in the organization of audiovisual events, inviting European artists with the aim to promote audio-visual happenings and open the public to this new creation. It‚s members are a duo; Slinee and Grom. Slinee in charge of the „filming‰ part: shooting, picture treatment and Grom being responsible for all the digital images, the randomize swf created in actionscript. All the concepts and ideas they develop are created together and they perform side-by-side as a true duo.


zelabo at zelabo dot com


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