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21st Chaos Communication Congress
Speakers and moderators

Angela Beesley

My main focus at the moment is Wikimedia and its projects, particularly Wikipedia. I'm on Board of the Wikimedia Foundation where I have the roles of Executive Secretary and Volunteer User Representative. My user page there will tell you more about my hopes and aims for the project.

Outside of Wikimedia, I'm the Community Director for Wikia, a free-content search engine developed along the same principles as Wikipedia, and I was recently appointed to the Advisory Board of ourmedia, a grass-roots media archive. I have a blog about wikis and search engines at wikisearch.org.

Until earlier this year I was a researcher and test developer for the National Foundation for Educational Research where my main role was creating the national statutory assessments for England and Wales. I was also involved with the area of computer based testing, where I developed and trialled multimedia science and mathematics assessments. Prior to that, I was a researcher at the Aston Dyslexia and Developmental Assessment Centre in Birmingham, now part of the Neurosciences Research Institute. I have an honours degree in Human Psychology.


angela at wikimedia dot org


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