21C3 Schedule Release 1.1.7

21st Chaos Communication Congress
Speakers and moderators

Mark Seiden

  • June 2001 - current Cutter Consortium (Senior Consultant)
  • June 2001 - current Stanford University Libraries (Senior Scientist)
  • Mar 2001 - 2003 Securify, aka Kroll O'Gara Information Security Group
  • May, 1998 - June, 2001. Securify Labs, Director and Fellow
  • March, 2000 - June, 2001 Chief Consultant, Network and Physical Security and··· Practice Area Head, Physical Security
  • May, 1998 - March, 2000 Consultant and technical leader for solutions to complex problems at clients worldwide including commercial and investment banks, government, libraries, universities, transactional networks, money managers, portals, ASPs, start-up ecommerce companies, law firms.

Projects included:

  • architecture, design, configuration, performance, protocol and code review of· complex systems.
  • product testing, vendor qualification and technology evaluation - expert in matters involving computer intrusion, fraud and abuse
  • recovery of data and forensic analysis in criminal and civil matters
  • National Academy of Sciences study of IT modernization activities at FBI
  • incident response, investigation, analysis and clean-up following intrusions
  • spam filtering and scalable firewall and email gateway design/implementation
  • automatic text classification of > 1M documents
  • trusted computing base for a system for cryptographically secure· irrevocable publishing and integrity-guaranteed digital library archiving
  • network/physical security design/site assessment of colocation facilities
  • numerous successful authorized penetrations (network and physical)
  • preventive measures and network reviews associated with system administrator terminations
  • due diligence prior to investment, merger or acquisition events
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